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Wall Paints for Basements

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been asked for a very pale color for a basement room and the equally horrified looks from clients when I pull out a richer color.

Generally Basements are filled with recessed lighting which is obviously the ideal situation, however, it looks dingy painted in white unless your basement is as well lit. And if it has good Lighting, a richer paint color may still opt.

Wall Color

Dark rooms like basements and media rooms are the same as powder rooms. You’ll always flick the lights on when you are in these rooms anyway, therefore a richer color can and should be chosen because it’s lighting that will bring these rooms to life (not a very pale or white paint color). See how the turquoise color is balanced with all the warm yellow wood tones in the flooring and mosaic backsplash!

Color for Basement

Red and brown is a more masculine combination, however the white (which is a feminine color) sectional brings the room back in balance!

Few tips on balancing bold colors

  1. “Pick one color that resonates with you and weaves it through your home in artwork, accessories, fabrics and paints colors.”, example:
  2. “If you make a statement with a bold wall color, use that color again in smaller doses with accessories. Visually ease the color impact by layering artwork on the walls.
  3. “Create your own personal color story by finding a color you respond to and look good in.  Everyone should look good in their own home.”
  4. “Pillowscapes are a great way to show off color without making a large investment”
  5. “Use colorful wallpaper to line the backdrop of furniture and breakfronts.”
  6. Finally, contrary you could paint a block of color in an area of a large basement space to create an instant feeling of coziness.

Let your Basements to fill you with happiness every time you walk in.

 “Happy Reading”

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