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Larger than life decor, exotic venues make Weddings a Grand affair!

Weddings now-a-days are becoming Bigger and Grander

Weddings in India are no less than a festival. For most of us it is a once in a lifetime occasion. It’s a very special event in every ones’ life. With the changing fashion trends, the concept for decoration has also changed. People don’t like to take stress for wedding arrangements and end up hiring a planner who does it all for them. Yes, we are talking about the all-rounder for all the events, the Wedding Planner. From venue to decoration, food, flower arrangements, photographer, Dj, everything is taken care by the planners. You name it and they have it.
We talked to two Chandigarh based wedding planners about the changing trend in wedding planning. Preeti Toor, a Chandigarh based Wedding Planner and Neha Talwar another Event and Wedding Planner from tricity. Both the planners speak about their experiences and changing trends.

Preferred themes and colours for Wedding Decor

Wedding themes and coloursPreeti says, “There are many themes and colours in the market. People are experimenting with darker and different colours. A lot of mix and match is happening.”

Neha says, “It varies from client to client. Some people like bright colours, some prefer shimmer, but mostly people these stick to subtle colours and themes.” She added, “Bright colours are preferred for Mehendi and Sangeet but for the Wedding and Reception subtle is the choice.”

 Throwing some light on Destination Weddings

Destination WeddingsDestination weddings are a lot in trend. Youngsters prefer places like, Dubai, Bangkok, Goa for destination weddings. To make it a grand affair people also end up booking Royal Palaces in Rajasthan for the big day.

Both the designers said that it’s a very personal choice that whether a client wants a destination wedding or not. And if they do then they surely need a wedding planner to manage everything.


Themes for Mehendi and Sangeet

Themes for Mehendi and SangeetPreeti shares, “For Mehendi and Sangeet people prefer hues of yellow, orange and green. The bright colours do the trick.”
Neha says, “For these functions, Marigold flowers are used to brighten up the decoration and of course the drapes used for decoration are also bright and shimmery.”

Has the trend changed over the years?

Wedding DecorationPreeti shares, “Trends keep changing every year, new themes keep adding in. Thanks to social media people are more aware of the latest themes and decoration ideas. People like to experiment more. Being planners we help them realize their dream wedding”
Neha says, “7 out of 10 people are clear about what kind of themes or decorations they want. That’s the change. Themes are based on more pastel colours and subtle themes are being preferred by clients.”

New Additions this Season

Chandeliers in weddingsPreeti says, “In my opinion, weddings are becoming grander and bigger than before. One addition this year I would say are the Chandeliers which give the decor a grand look. ”
Neha shares, “This season people were more into pastel colours and subtle themes.”


Preferred Venues

Outdoor Venues for WeddingsPreeti says, “Outdoor venues are preferred more because there is a lot of scope for decoration and themes. Hotels don’t allow certain decorations.”
Neha shares, “Outdoor venues with poolside gardens are a big hit. Such venues can be done in different ways with mix and match of colours.”
If planning a wedding, then make sure you choose the right person to plan it for you. A good wedding planner is the one who understands your taste and budget both.

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