Warm-up Girls … its Winter Time!

It’s time for you girls to cover up with a blazer

We have all grown up watching those romantic movies of lover boys ‘Raj’ and ‘Prem’ and fantasized our dream boy covering us up with his blazer on a chilly or rainy night. Twist the Plot! It’s time for you girls to cover up with your ‘oh-so-feminine’ blazer.

Blazers are the new fashion staple that every woman must have in her closet. It is the hottest trend this season which has topped the fashion hierarchy with its innumerable styles and colors! It’s time to swap your bulky coats with the sleek and voguish blazers to stay warm and chic at one fell swoop. Blazers come in many shapes, colors, cuts, and fabrics to raise your fashion quotient and suit your body type. When you have so many reasons to own a blazer why not have it in your closet?

To the customers’ convenience, all the plush brands have turned up with their collection of women’s blazer online. The decent designs, chic styles and ‘each more stylish than the next’ collection of blazers is making girls go mad! There are different styles of the women’s blazers like the suit blazer, cropped blazer, casual blazer, printed blazer, floral blazer and the list goes on. Another plus of blazers is that they can be worn with anything be it your comfy jeans or Saturday nightgowns. The wide range of colors in women’s blazers helps you to pick the right one that goes well with the occasion.

A blazer that is well-made and fits well can totally transform your personality. It can make your casual attire look dressy, polished and even diminish those extra pounds you’ve gained recently!

While the bright and trendy colors are the best pick for a casual occasion, the neutral shades of black, grey, navy and white are ideal for a workhorse blazer. For the festive epoch, the floral and cropped blazers with slight embellishment deserve thumbs up. Also, the day-to-day discounts that are available these days help you shop the best while staying in budget every time. Stores these days are stocked with an array of assorted colors and styles and now it’s your turn to stalk one!

The best style to embrace a blazer is in ‘your’ style. A little scrunch on the sleeves paired with a tee and jeans combo will make other girls go jealous of you while leaving the boys drool!

If blazers are fashion’s greatest staple, its time to get into one!

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