Fashion never ‘ENDS’ but Comfort always‘TRENDS’

Fashion never ‘ENDS’ but Comfort always‘TRENDS’

Alisha seemed like a breath of fresh air in her little black dress and a pitched pair of pumps. She entered the party with a charming smile and glow on her face! Magnetizing everyone’s gaze towards herself, she looked like a diva walking down the ramp. But what was behind the charming smile of Alisha? Maybe the discomfort of those five-inch stilettos she was wearing. Oops! Descending a set of stairs, she was soon in a heap on the floor!

It is not just about wearing high heels, many of us compromise with the kind of dresses which are actually a ‘No-No’ for our body type. Well! Fashion is not always about wearing what’s trending. Suffering for your style is out and Comfort is in. They say clothes make the man. Many of us take it way too seriously and let fashion take precedence over our comfort.

Fashion is no more about presenting yourself as the epitome of glamour and sophistication. It’s all about being in your comfort zone and displaying your best self. Who cares about those floor-length gowns now, when the plague of T-shirt and Jeans has reached everywhere from Restaurants to Nightclubs. Fashion is becoming increasingly casual!

Finding a ‘perfect party dress’ which could turn you into a rose among daisies might be a difficult task, however, the umpteen options that are available these days at the stores, give you a whole lot of options to choose from depending upon your style and certainly the occasion. Everyone wants to look stylish and trendy but sometimes the dress or those shoes that everyone will drool over might not be the best pick for you. So stay in your comfort zone and flatter your true and happiest self!

When you are out with your guy, I guess the last thing you want to do is fussing with your outfit or footwear all the time. So why opt for those devastating pieces which might ruin your perfect evening? Go for stuff which you feel the most comfortable in. The more comfy you feel the more trendy you’ll look. At a date night, when you don’t want to dump your freedom of movement by fitting into that little black dress, go for a stylish Tee or Blouse.

Even your favorite striped tee can be evening-friendly when paired with shorts or jeans and a tuxedo blazer. For a casual date like bowling or movies, skinny jeans and a tee are cute and comfy. Also, mastering the skill of using accessories can do wonders to your simple outfit. The mantra is to do a little bit of modification here and there and present the BEST version of you.

Don’t worry lady!You need not pick the most chic and boho attire to impress him; all you need is a dash of confidence and a charming smile to totally knock his socks off!

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