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Does eating less the main reason behind your obesity?

The main reason behind your obesity?

In today’s world, everyone wants to get fit. People put a lot of efforts to reduce the weight but the efforts not executed properly can actually backfire. Eating less is the worst thing which we do with our body when it comes to loose fat. Confused?? Let me clear this confusion. Lesser the calories, more will be the fat loss which is true but reducing the calories much cannot help you to reduce fat faster but it screws the metabolism further. When you reduce your calorie intake much, u might lose weight but remember weight loss is not always the fat loss. In doing so, you might lose your muscle mass as well. Lesser the muscle mass, weaker will be the metabolism and tougher will be the fat loss.

How much shall we eat then

This might be striking your mind after reading the above content. So to clear that, Never eat lesser than your BMR calories (Basal metabolic rate, the energy required by our body at rest) while doing dieting. You can use a number of tools online to calculate your BMR. Apart from that keep your protein intake adequate (0.8 gm per kg of body weight for women, 1.2g per kg for men). While dieting, our body loses weight (fat, water, muscle mass) and to preserve the muscle mass while dieting, you Should be having adequate protein in your diet(higher the muscle mass, faster the metabolism and easier will be the fat loss).

Mistake we do while dieting

The biggest mistake we do while dieting is we just concentrate on reducing the calories But ignore the protein intake part. We plan a low-calorie diet which have only carbs(khichdi, soup, salads, poha, dalia, oats). What happens because of that is we might lose some weight initially but our less protein intake results in muscle loss Which weaken out metabolism further and our weight loss process gets stuck after some time (weight loss plateau).

Take home message

To reduce fat, never go for dieting but go for a structured diet which contains carbs, fats, and Proteins. Plan a diet around your BMR and let’s follow the healthy and long-lasting procedure to achieve the fittest version of you.

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