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Decorating the Master Bedroom, keep it classy with the right choices

Decorating a new place is always a task as you want to have the best of decors. The Master bedroom shall be the first room to start with. It is the Master bedroom that sets the class and theme of interiors. However, it is much easier to finish with the decor of a Master bedroom. Therefore, the Living and Dining room obviously consume more time and effort. Hence, it is very important to have a clear vision of what colors and themes you want for the decor. Here are some easy tips as to how you can decorate the Master bedroom.

For the Master Bedroom, Keep it Luxurious

Master Bedroom

To begin with, select the type and style of bed for the room. It is one big element that defines the theme of the interior. Though there is a wide range of bed styles, ‘An Upholstered Headboard Bed’ or ‘A Canopy Bed’ is the apt choice for a master bedroom. Upholstered anything always has a luxurious feel and is loved by all age groups.

However, beds with colorful fitted sheets look good with white and custom colored pillowcases. This mix and match help glam up the room. Also, some x ottomans at the end of the bed would be very cool.

Perfect Couch!

Perfect CouchFor the sitting area, shades of blue, green or mustard are adorable. And apart from looking graceful they also give a chic look to the decor. Tufted furniture is always recommended as it looks classy. Hence, it gives the bedroom a perfectly romantic and dreamy look!

Painting the walls

The walls shall be painted in a linen color. A shade of turquoise or beige will work wonders. These subtle shades will complement the furniture in the bedroom. However, this way the wall colors will look good when moving from one room to the next.

 When Curtains and drapery comes into play

Curtains and draperyCurtains and drapes instantly add softness and vertical height to a room. Therefore, it helps change the feel.

The traditional 4” pinched pleat is the most common and you’re usually guaranteed to find it underneath a valance. Moreover, if you have tall windows and a large room, a 6” pinched pleat works well. Fullness is very important. Custom drapery is not inexpensive;
however, it really transforms the look and feel of a room.



Wall of Art

Wall PaintThe Room Walls shall look like a perfect background and filler. However, there are so many creative ways to make a wall look interesting. Therefore, the papered walls as an option are a beautiful home decor element.

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