Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil, Works Wonders for all Skin Types

There are a number of beauty products on the market but neither of them can be as beneficial as the natural Coconut oil. It is completely organic and is a way better moisturizer than any other branded products. Coconut oil prevents redness and irritation and also helps reduce acne. However, it keeps your skin condition from within. The oil is most popular for its hydrating properties. Therefore, it suits all skin types and is best for dry skin, dry patches and wounds. Here is a list of few beauty benefits of the oil:

1. Makeup Remover 

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil can be used as a make-up remover as it is mild and gentle on the skin. It can help remove all kinds of make-up including the waterproof ones.



2. Moisturise 

Bubble baths and bath salts are in no comparison with the natural coconut oil. The hot water melts the oil and leaves the skin moisturised.


Apart from hydrating the skin, coconut oil also helps with exfoliation. You can mix coarse sugar with coconut oil and use it for exfoliation. Therefore, the sugar granules will slough off dead skin and the oil will help moisturise the skin.

3. Body Massage Body massage

It is best for body massage as well. However, it helps keep the skin hydrated and glowing. So instead of using the expensive lotions for body massage, you should go in for the easily available oil.

4. Face Mask Face Mask

One can never think that coconut oil can be multipurpose. But it certainly has many benefits. It can be used as a natural face mask. However, mix equal parts of honey and coconut oil and apply it as a face mask. Therefore, the mask will help clear acne and will leave your skin soft and glowing.

5. Hair Mask Hair Mask

Coconut oil not only benefits the skin but also enhances the texture of hair. The oil acts as a natural conditioner for your looks. However, melt the oil while taking a head bath. And apply some oil to your wet hair after shampooing. Therefore, tie your hair in a bun and leave it for at least five minutes and then rinse it off. Hence, adding this amazing tip to your hair care routine will help your strands look glossy.

6. Prevents Wrinkles Prevents Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a nightmare for women and there are hundreds of beauty products on the market that help treat wrinkles. These products dig a hole in your pocket as they are highly priced. So it’s best to stick to the basics. However, using coconut oil underneath and around the eye area regularly can prevent wrinkles and treats puffiness. Therefore, it also fights dark circles.

7. Fights Bacteria Fights Bacteria

In case of wounds rub the oil on minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises. The oil helps calm the area and acts as a barrier against dirt and bacteria. Hence, it has healing properties and helps remove marks on your skin.

8. Tackles Fungal InfectionsTackles Fungal Infections

Apart from so many benefits the coconut oil also fights skin fungal infections. Although most fungal infections are minor, they can be a threat on the face. Yeast infection and ringworm initiate in the form of small patches of dry or rough skin, but they can grow unexpectedly. Therefore, applying coconut oil to the face or affected areas can take care of such infections.

9. Prevents Early Ageing 

Prevents Early Ageing

The skin prone to premature ageing because of oxidative stress due to UV rays, pollution, and harsh chemical use. However, facial skin is the most affected as it gets exposed to the environment all the time. Therefore, coconut oil helps prevent premature ageing. It acts as a moisturiser without damaging the skin. Moreover, it’s also a barrier to dust and pollution when applied in a thin layer. It also helps reduce oxidative damage and promotes collagen formation. Hence, it keeps the skin smooth and glowing.

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