How to Choose Stunning Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day

A bride has to do a million decisions during her wedding preparations and choosing the right hairstyle for wedding day could be one of the most mind-boggling decisions. The vast mistake you can do on your wedding day is not organizing your hairstyle, makeup, and your wedding outfit, and giving all these responsibilities to your beauty stylist. But keep one thing mind picking the best hairstyle that would look perfect on you according to your outfit is very important. And summer wedding season is almost here, if you are still searching for the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day, then don’t you worry we are here to help you choose the right hairstyle by adding some best examples of the great wedding hairstyles. We have collected some best suggestions by wedding hair professionals on choosing the stunning bridal look for your memorable day.

  • Consult with a Specialist:

Healthy and perfect hairTo commence with, consult with a hair professional immediately when the date of your big day has been decided. Their suggestion is very important so that they can verify if there is any damaged hair that needs to be taken good care until your wedding day and need some healthy treatments. In this way, you will get healthy and perfect hair, ready for the desirable hairstyle that you want to wear on your wedding day.

  • Decide the Perfect Look According to Your Face Shape:

wedding jewellery and dressConsult with your hairstylist what hairdo will look great on you. Discuss your wedding jewelry and dress as well. Various hairstyles go with various dresses. For example, if you have decided to wear a collared or neckband outfit, just nicely tie your hair, it would look far better as compared to messy or a loose hairstyle. But keep one thing in mind all hairdos don’t look perfect on all face shapes. Before choosing the hairstyle for your wedding you must know about the shape of your face. For example, if your face is square in shape with broad cheekbones and jawline, then you should pick a style that gives your face a fine look by covering the sides of your face. Eventually, consideration can be drawn away from a pointy jaw by styling your hair flicks all over.

  • Learn All About Your Hair Texture & Planning for Haircut:

Hair TextureDistinctive hairstyles can go with multiple hair textures. Silky and smooth hair would look fabulous if let loose and cut in layers on the other hand curly hair can be styled in an easy breezy fish plait. But if your hair is very kinky and difficult to manage then you should simply tie them tightly and use some good hairspray so that they stay same for a longer period.

Make sure you don’t go for a haircut right before your wedding because hair needs ample time to settle in a proper manner. Have a haircut at least before a month or a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, consult with your hair professional as well before finalizing anything for your wedding day.


  • Pick the Right Hair Accessories & Avoid Drastic Makeups:

Hair AccessoriesFrequent hairdos look stunning with a lavish & beautiful headband or hairpins. Select all these items far before your wedding day, so you can give a trial to all these accessories to match with your hairstyle & outfit as well. And if you are planning to wear a maang tikka or paasa on your wedding, discuss it with hairstylist so that he/she have a fair idea about your hairdo. To make your wedding day memorable, make sure you don’t experiment any new makeup trend on your wedding day. Like, permanent hair smoothening, dramatic hair colours, it can completely ruin your wedding look if unfortunately, they go wrong.  Try these experiments at least couple of months before your wedding so that you don’t need to plan something else last minute.



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