4 Tips to Look Fabulous for Holi Party in Chandigarh 2020

There are a number of ways in which you look Fabulous for Holi Party in Chandigarh 2020 and yet relaxed and safe in terms of saving yourself from toxic chemicals and colors.

The most amazing and colorful festival ‘Holi’ is all about happiness and togetherness with loved ones. This colorful event ‘holi’ is around the corner and so the time is here to plan for the right outfit for this amazing festival. Unlike the other festivals that we celebrate with great enthusiasm and with the latest fashion trends, Holi also needs to give a twist.

Here you require to go out and attire all messy with water and colors yet appear fabulous and stylish best. Seems tough? Not actually! There are a number of ways in which you can look stylish for Holi Parties 2020 and yet relaxed and safe in terms of saving yourself from toxic chemicals and colors.

When it became really tough for you to choose the perfect dress for this festival then traditional look will be a great option.

And if you are feeling bored of wearing the same attire every year then check out our Holi trends in which we have recommended the best ideas for each and every do’s and don’ts for ‘Holi’ day

Best 4 Tips to Look Fabulous for Holi Party in Chandigarh 2020

1. Get-ups for Holi 2020:

Holi Parties in Chandigarh 2020There is a range of outfits you can wear at Holi Parties, cotton Kurtis, Saari, t-shirt & capris, shirts, tunics and so on. You can experiment with a lot of dresses on Holi.

So, if you are still following only the traditional dresses like wearing white Kurtis & kurtas, it will look fab when you mix it up with the favorite color clothes of your choice.

Almost each and every bright and dark color looks stunning with white, especially the dazzling red, blue, orange, green and hot pink. One of the best popular choices among all this year is white with plum shade.

Besides this, prints and floral dresses also create a cool and funky look on Holi.

2. Wear Ideal Footwear on Colorful Holi: 

Footwears on Holi parties

You must absolutely keep aside your heels and find some relaxed & comfortable flexible rubber shoes for holi. Your shoes can be of any kind that you are convenient in like loafers, sneakers, and slippers since there is not any fear of slipping in them.

If you are wearing the western outfit on holi then you must pair sneakers with them and if your dress is eastern then you should go with slippers.

3. Make-up Ideas For Ideas for Holi Parties:

Makeup on Holi parties in chandigarhYet there is a generally held perception that there is no need to apply makeup for Holi after all it gets ruined anyhow, but the thought is not true.

Applying make-up is very important for Holi as compared to any other festival or function. It protects your skin from the harmful chemical used in the colors.

So you must use waterproof make-up on your face and neck as well. Especially a foundation base, bold eye makeup and most importantly do not skip applying sunscreen lotion overall visible body parts of yourself which are not covered by your outfit.

Holi will be a perfect day to enhance your hands with cute nail art and also bold eye make-up will make you look stunning even if you are all over wrapped in lots of colors.

4. Adorable Hairdo & Classy Sunglasses for Perfect Holi Parties:

Sunglasses on Holi parties 2020The ponytail will be the best option for a hairstyle for this colorful event. But if you want to look different from everyone then try combining your outfit with a braid.

Also make sure your hair should not dry, apply some coconut or hair protective serum available on the market. If you are still want to take extra care for your hair, tie a scarf matching with your dress and with this a cool, classy sunglass will be like the cherry on the cake.

Sunglasses will add extra glamour to your holi outfit & hairstyle. So it will be a win-win situation for you as you will look like a star at the party while caring for the health of your skin from harsh colors.

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