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7 Steps for Planning Your Home Decor or Renovation

If you have just decided & gearing up for a renovation or new build, your list of updates & desires is quite long and sometimes it’s hard to prioritize which one to tackle first, then next & next. The order of the decisions that need to be made is very important! And if you feel like you have to ‘fall in love’ with every hard finish choice you make, you might end up with a DECOR that probably wasn’t your take.

So, if you are at the beginning of a project and you have not enlisted the help of a designer, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Choose your floors first
2. Decide the decor of Living/Drawing room.
3. Next, Do the Master Bed Room
4. Ceilings
5. Kitchen & Bathrooms—Choose your Countertops & Backsplash Tile
6. Wall Paint Colors & Coverings
7. Add Paintings, Wall Art & Furniture pieces.

1. Flooring

Room FlooringIt’s the one that’s the easiest to change—well relatively—for the second biggest impact.You have two options. Light or medium brown. The END.
If you want tile on your floor–despite the thousands of apparent options available in the market–good options are more limited than you think. Laminated or Hard Wood floor is the other appropriate choice.

2. Decide the decor of Living/Drawing room

Living Drawing roomThe ideal approach is to take one room and finish it. The Living room—the one you spend the most time in and your guests see, shall be focused first. Instead of spreading your money around to a bunch of rooms/areas in your house and not getting anything finished. When you do that, you still can’t walk into any room in your house with any kind of satisfaction and enjoyment because there’s always something else you’re looking at that you know needs tweaking or updating.

3. Define the Master Bed Room

Master Bed RoomTo begin with select the type & style of the Bed, as this one big element defines the interior theme of the room. An Upholstered Headboard Bedis the top choice for a master bedroom. Upholstered anything always feels so luxurious and is loved by all ages.The walls shall probably be painted in a linen color. A shade of turquoise or beige which complements the furniture of the bedroom.

A colorful tufted furniture along with the collection of accessories is a perfect arrangement for the master bedroom, romantic and dreamy!

4. False Ceilings

Ceilings–especially if they are textured–are at least half responsible for the spoilsport. Textured ceilings absorb the odors of your house just like a sponge and are the absolute NO.If the ceilings needed to be painted, they should be sprayed.To paint the ceiling for blue is definitely a good idea just you have to count on that the painted ceiling make the room smaller.Of course it is just a VISUAL EFFECT, but unfortunately, it is true as the different elevations in the room like a sunken living room make the room look more spacious.

False CeilingYou have probably seen many rooms with the high ceilings and they were painted just to make the room more cozy. These techniques are used mostly in a studio setting.

Though the False Ceilings, if done schematically, is a worth spending. The Cornices, Mouldings& Architraves add glamor to the Ceilings.False ceilings can be made from different materials including Gypsum, Mineral Fiber, POP& Wood, creating innovative and unique designs that perfectly match the indoor setting. They enhance décor value to the bedroom interiors. Also, recessed light fixtures are the other advantage.

5. Kitchen & Bathrooms— Choose your Countertops & Backsplash Tile

KitchenIf your cabinets be a true-white, off-white, or cream? Or if you are installing a wood stained kitchen, which backsplash to have opted is the next decision. And for that Countertop texture has to be decided, as this will dictate whether you should choose white, off-white, cream, brown or any other color palette. And also the countertop shade will make the choice of floor easy. Now as you have chosen the floors and the countertop, you can choose the backsplash tile.

Bath RoomAfter the kitchen, bathroom tile is next. A back and white basket-weave (or something similar) is always a classic choice. A black countertop would work here too. However, if you love the look of the flat black hardware in bathrooms, choose black for the faucet ONLY and go with chrome for the shower hardware. Especially in a white bathroom. It’s prettier to repeat the black in framed artwork instead.

By the way, there are lot many shades such as Beige..Greys..Blues..Browns..Rustic and also with their neutral undertones, which go very well with contrast shade floors and white sanitaryware& vanities.

And as an underlined statement, consider wood stained cabinets in the bathroom
It adds contrast and looks elegant with any shade tile.

6. Wall Paint Colors & Coverings

Wall Paint ColorsIt would be even better if you had a colour scheme for the living or great room at this point.A general opinion is to have white walls as these highlight shape and color of the wall articles and tolerate no chaotic mess.

And here comes the contradictory statement…Homes need SOME colour in order to look finished instead of that the walls have been primed and are still waiting for colour. Each object is part of the composition and so has to be selected and positioned with a curatorial eye for an arrangement.Which greige you choose or specify should be based on the existing neutral undertones of your house.

My best advice is to not make risky choices on your own. Go with the safe option and get crazy with wallpaper and fabrics instead! And then the chances are much higher than your house will fill you with happiness every time you walk in the door.

The papered walls as an option, are a beautiful home décor element.

7. Add Paintings, Wall Art & Furniture pieces

Paintings and Wall ArtPaintings, this, of course, creates the biggest bang for the buck! I know I sound biased because as a Designer I would suggest not spending your money there until you had spent some money (first) on creating an atmosphere in the main areas of my house. And how do you achieve that? With new Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories—that’s how.

The spaces get enhanced & more lively with artworks & furniture, creating softness and color with fabrics and lighting. This makes one happy every time you walk into your home!

“Happy Reading”

Ar. Randeep Singh (98143-33332)
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