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How to decide Wall Paint Color


Wall Colour is not merely an outlet of personal expression, but rather a state of mind which infiltrates all that we are and what we do.

Each situation is still unique and the quickest way to become knowledgeable in choosing colors for you or anyone else for that matter is:
a) Having a selection of colors in all the different undertones.
b) Seeing a lot of colors.
c) Identifying the favourite neutral shades.

Make sure you are clear which undertones are in your fixed finishes. They HIGHLY dictate the colour scheme.What is color undertone anyway?

Undertone means “a quality, characteristic, etc., that is present but not clear or obvious.”

Here are my tips for creating ethereal color in your home

1. Choose a light-filled room. If your space is dark already, better to paint it a richer color and install some lighting (not all recessed lighting–although that would add extra dimension–you still need lamps for atmosphere) because a rich warm colour is what’s necessary to bring a dark room to life.

2. Choose a color that pulls your space together. Which means the color should relate to the largest furnishings in the room, so the first place to look is the broadloom, sofa or drapery. The wall color shall go well with the artwork and the linen drapes.

3. Pick one of the top two colors in the strip so that the color stays light, instead of going to a mid-tone which may not give you the same effect. Remember this is just a guideline, ethereal feeling colour certainly exists past the first 2 colour chips, it depends on how dark the colours are in the first place—some are darker than others–in addition to how large space is.

4. To begin with, If at all possible – have some preliminary colour choices made for furniture in your respective rooms. This is usually the starting point for colour flow through the main areas of your house. Say, the sofa and chair fabric.

A colour that might seem washed out will happen when it doesn’t relate to anything in the space. Colour always looks the best when it either relates to the other elements in the room or simply is the perfect pale shade with the correct undertone that makes everything else against it look wonderful!

“Happy Reading”

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