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Top Cosmetic Brands

Life without makeup, no girl could imagine, beauty products are essentials, here are top cosmetic brands in the world you should know more about.

It is a wish of almost every person to look beautiful and to complete the situation here are top cosmetic brands in the world.

A person can have a beautiful appearance that can comprise of branded clothes, makeup or even plastic surgery.

These days the makeup industry is booming.

There is no denying that makeup has been popular from the past so many years.

However, at present, there is a completely different scenario as ample makeup brands are available.

These different brands provide various products to meet your requirements; whether it is the price or your skin complexion.

Now I will discuss some top cosmetic brands of the world along with their history

1. MAC

MAC stands for Make-Up Art Cosmetics. It started in Toronto, Canada by makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan and salon owner Frank Angelo.

Initially, they made cosmetics in their kitchen and sold it to their fellow makeup artists.

However, with time as their makeup gained popularity, then in March 1984 both of them launched it through a department store in Toronto.

This brand is for all ages, races, and sexes which means this brand is for all.

It has been sponsored by many celebrities namely, Princess Diana, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga and many others.

MAC provides a wide variety of products such as eyeliner, eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, nail color, face powder, foundation, mascara, and many other products.

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It is a globally recognized makeup brand.

It was founded by makeup- artist tuned entrepreneur Bobbi Brown in New York 1991.

She wanted to create a lipstick that looked like lips and with the help of a chemist, she was successful in creating unprecedented lipstick.

Over many years this brand has created many cosmetic products which include concealer, foundation sticks, lip balm, lipstick, eye shadow, eye pencil and many more.



Maybelline is also one of the globally recognized brands.

This brand was founded by a chemist T.L. Williams in 1915 in New York.

He named this brand after his sister’s name Maybel.

It is available in almost 123 countries.

Its products very famous among people.

These products are of different price ranges which is affordable for the customers.

Best quality products for eyes, lips, and face are there such as mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, foundation, powder, concealer, contouring, highlighter, lip balm, lipstick and lip liner.



L’OREAL has been involved in the line of the beauty industry for more than a century.

It was founded by Eugene Schueller in France in 1909 as a small company and with the passage of time, it became one of the best cosmetic companies in the world.

This brand includes not only face cosmetics products but hair color and other hair products.

This is the most trusted brand as it provides the best quality products.

This brand sells varied skincare, haircare, and hair color products along with lip colors, eye shadow, eyeliner, and all other beauty products.



In 1932, brothers Charles and Joseph Revson along with chemist Charles Lachman founded Revlon in New York.

They started with nail color.

Later on, they made unique nail colors.

After the second world war, Revlon becomes the second-highest cosmetic company in America.

However, at present, it is famous not only in America but also in almost every country in the world.

Below mentioned are some top-selling products:

  • Super lustrous lipstick
  • Color burst lip butter
  • Top speed nail enamel
  • Photo ready compact makeup
  • Crème gel eyeliner



This brand holds the name of its founder Estee Lauder.

Estee Lauder started her company in 1946 in America.

In the former years, her company included herself and her husband. They used the kitchen of a restaurant to make only four products namely Super rich all-purpose crème, Crème pack, Cleansing Oil, and Skin Lotion.

Out of its top-selling products here are some

Advanced night repair

Revitalizing supreme global anti-aging crème

Bronze Goddess powder bronzer

Double wear stay-in-place makeup

New dimension shape+ Fill expert serum

All in all, the above-mentioned brands are some of the top cosmetic brands.

Every brand offers a wide range of products that are rich in quality. Moreover, products are of different price ranges which can be afforded by people according to their choice.


Tips to avoid spending unnecessary money on cosmetics

1. You can Purchase in Bulk – If you are going to buy the items each in turn, at that point attempt to arrange it from a restorative online store.

It will serve you multipurpose.

As a matter of first importance, you would have the option to browse the assortment of brands and besides, they would give you limits in the event that you buy the items in mass.

Likewise, you don’t need to pay for the delivery charges.

2. You can Rely Upon Alternatives – It isn’t vital all an opportunity to utilize the ultra-fueled dandruff cleanser for the dandruff treatment.

Rather, you can likewise utilize a portion of the elective cures like curd, vinegar arrangement, and so on.

Likewise, as opposed to utilizing engineered scrubbers, you can go for normal scours like potato, tomato, lemon and much more.

These are progressively useful to make your skin shine at its best.

3. Be Flexible with your Lip Shades – It isn’t fundamental all an opportunity to adhere to the lip conceal that you generally use.

You can be adaptable with a portion of the bare shades.

For instance, in the event that you are not adoring the shade of your new lipstick, at that point you can essentially go for the naked shades to praise it.

The mix will present to you the fresh out of the box new shading that you would adore.

In addition, you would have the option to spare in the event that you were thinking to purchase another one.

4. Look How would you be able to make your Perfume Long Lasting – We all ability much a fragrance cost and in the event that you are an ordinary client, at that point clearly it is the presumable the case that you are prepared to wind up soon.

In any case, in the event that you are not in a state of mind to spend at another one then the thing you can do is include last hardly any drops of your scent in your body salve.

It is convenient than the high range of top cosmetic brands.

The object is the point at which you apply the salve to your entire skin then the aroma would function as you needed it to.

5. Continuously be the Search of the Offers – Being a cosmetics fanatic it isn’t that simple to deal with all the costs at once.

You need to search for different things as well.

Along these lines, in the event that you want to purchase items on the web, at that point attempt to search for the offers that online destinations serve you.

For better outcomes, you can buy in the email or bulletin of the site with the goal that you can get refreshed at whatever point another offer shows up in the marked beautifying agents online in India.

Queries on top cosmetics brands in India.

Q1. Is Maybelline an Indian brand?
A1. Maybelline isn’t an Indian brand; it is a significant American cosmetics brand. Its items sold worldwide and a backup of French beautifiers organization L’Oréal.

Q2. Is Nykaa an Indian brand?
A2. Nykaa is an Indian cosmetic Brand situated in Mumbai. The multi-brand magnificence retailer is selling corrective and wellbeing items. Falguni Nayar established Nyka, and it started in April 2012. Nykaa’s first retail location was genuinely opened at T3 Terminal, Indira Gandhi International Airport in November 2015.

Q3. Does Flipkart sell unique products?
A3. Items sold by merchants in Flipkart dealers will give brand approval letter before they begin selling. Going to your answer Yes some case deceiving dealers will send you to copy item.

Q4. Why is makeup so expensive?
A4. Cosmetics is costly on the grounds that they should be increased for things like showcasing, Pretty bundling, and brand fame.

Q5. What are the 5 fundamental classes of corrective products?
A5. Ordinary make-up things incorporate lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, establishment, become flushed, and bronzer. Other customary beautifying agents incorporate skin chemicals, body creams, cleanser and conditioner, hair styling items (gel, hair shower, and so on.), fragrance and cologne.


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