Dev Samaj College of Education using computerized study plan

Dev Samaj College of Education

Dev Samaj College of Education uses automated investigation corridors during COVID 19 crisis

To keep understudies one next to the other with the instructive arrangement

Chandigarh, March 24, 2020

Teachers of Dev Samaj College of Education(DSCE), Sec 36-B, have moved to ‘E-Learning’ indicating systems and made an online learning condition which is the need vital, to fight the situation that has made under COVID 19.

To keep understudies next to each other with the instructive arrangement during a time of the finish of informational associations due to Corona, online modes like Google homerooms and network situated tasks utilizing Google sheets, Google docs, Google slides have been introduced by the school.

Dr (Mrs.) Agnese Dhillon, Principal, DSCE expressed, “Our gathering of educators has made online examination material and assignments which are being passed on and submitted back by understudies on the web.These are then being surveyed on the net.


There is a ceaseless online analysis being given to understudies.

Plus, online self-examination test creation using TESTMOZ is happening and results additionally are being declared on the web.

Our teachers are attracting understudies well on the net and clarifying their requests exorbitantly on the web.”

Self Assessment Tests are being offered online to understudies to illuminate them about the arranging they need to achieve for future evaluations when the Corona issue fades away and standard classes start.

Then, educators have made their own YouTube coordinates to pass on practices in a significantly intriguing association with visuals and voice-overs in English similarly as the Hindi medium.

Different modules of activities on a couple of subjects of various subjects have been made for the benefit of understudies.

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