Fill this Holi with extra colours with the popular Video Editing App MV Mater

Holi with the popular Video Editing App MV Mater

If you are looking for more colors this Holi, World’s leading one-click MV Master launched several new Holi templates to add extra color for your holiday celebrations of its Holi templates for its Indian users.

The app also made a challenge to make videos fun and rewarding for the Indian users.

MV Master is the world’s leading mobile app for quick and easy video production. The app has been named the Editor’s Pick as a ‘top recommended app’ for videos. There are thousands of templates, dozens of themes, to meet all scenes of production needs, hot templates like Heart arrow, Butterfly magic, Rose frame, Creative hands, Flower baby, Magic place, Teddy day, Magic petal, Red roses, Magic elephant and so on.

To complete each of these tasks, users need to first unlock the template by uploading photos that match the particular task. For example, appropriate photos with friends need to be uploaded to unlock the ‘Fight with your friends’ template.

And Once these videos are ready, they can be shared with popular social and messaging platforms like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

MV Master is wildly popular in India and around the world for the best way to create stunning videos for WhatsApp status messages, Instagram stories, and other social platforms.

The app can convert existing photos into great-looking video clips with only three steps, through a rich library of high-quality templates and music.

It recently launched lyrics video editing that allows users to add song lyrics to their videos.

The app not only makes video production faster but also improves the quality of the final video made by any user. It can be used for all smartphones after a video is created, it can be shared to all popular social network and messaging platforms with just one click.

MV Master said it will soon launch more functions and templates for Indian users, allowing them to create cool videos easily and with great fun.

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