Daughter and Mother shared dresses for years and now kidney

Daughter and Mother shared dresses

Mother is incomplete without her children. hence proved by a daughter, showing daughter and mother“s love not by sharing only dresses, by sharing kidney as well.

The story comes out from Prakriti’s mouth when she was getting honored as a kidney donor in an event where all women kidney donor is rewarded by Ivy Hospitals at a hotel in Chandigarh.

Twelve are the women (some are daughters, few wives, maybe some are mother and sister as well) are being honored for a donation of a kidney.

Daughter and Mother shared dresses for years and now kidney

While getting awarded, a daughter amongst them couldn’t stop herself by sharing the love for her mother.

Prakriti said,” when the doctor came out with the result that we have to go for a kidney transplant for my mother (Anita Chabra), then I din even thought once and I suddenly made my decision to give my kidney to my mother.

Today when I see my mother fit and recovered, I feel piece in eyes. Today I realized what is the importance of beloved once. Family is like a tree, where every branch holds its importance and also importance for each other to grow whole as a tree.

Not only it is daughter and mother love, their are more women donar who had donated their valued things playing different characters of life.

One more kidney donar Jinni Kapoor from Mohali gave her kidney to her husband Sandeep Kapoor.

We have heared many stories of daughter and mother sharing dresses and many things but sharing a body organ defines more powerfully the love between the daughter and mother.

A daughter can feel the pain of mother, what the mother felt during labour pain when she was about to deliver her daughter.

This is the story of yours, and many more “you” will be awaited, so keep typing

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