10 little gestures that can help you strengthen your Relationship

We focus on grand gestures when it comes to wooing our partner but we often forget the importance of the little things. These small things carry far more weight and become memories for life. It is very important to cherish those little things in life to make a healthy relationship.
As a couple, it should always be a joint effort by both the partners to keep the spark alive. Here are a few tips as to how you can keep a relationship healthy with these small gestures.

1. Call Your Partner

Call your partnerCalling your partner to see if they have reached home safely is one such gesture. It is important to make sure that your partner feels okay after a long day at work. And asking them to just take care of themselves is not a small gesture.

2. Laugh Together

Laugh TogetherLaughing together at the same thing; be it a movie or a discussion. Laughing is a therapy for personal well being. And the couples who laugh together always stay together as their intellects match.

3. Share thoughts

Share thoughtsSharing your thoughts with your partner is an intimate gesture. It is very important to know what goes on in your partner’s mind. To enhance the emotional connection with each other it is essential to know stories from their past and incidents that affected them as a person. Sharing feelings with your partner helps enhance the bond.

4. Pulling each other’s Leg

Pulling legTeasing your partner for silly things may sound annoying but this is a magical gesture. It helps in keeping the spice of the relationship alive.

5. Pay attention to enhance your Relationship

Pay attentionPaying attention towards each other is very important. It is a wonderful feeling when your partner remembers something that you told them. It may sound old school but mark my words, this trick always works wonders.

6. Walking each other out

Walking togetherThis is an old art and is almost forgotten nowadays. Walking out someone shows that the person is courteous. Seeing someone off means the person wants to see more of you. Old is gold and so are these old gestures to make your partner feel loved.

7. Keeping a Note

knowing each otherThis is one way you can instantly rule your partner’s heart. To know those small little habits of your partner and things they are particular about. It feels great when someone knows you in and out. It makes your partner feel important when you know how they want certain things to be.

8. Being Honest

Being HonestAs they say- Honesty is the key to success! And trust me, it really is. Honesty helps build a strong relationship with your better half. It might sound rude but it’s always wise to speak your heart out. At times being blunt may hurt but it helps in the long run as there are no loopholes to anything. If they feel something is not right for the other person then its best, to be honest. Being honest with each other shows true love. This means they don’t want to comfort you with lies.

9. FightingFighting each otherFighting with or for your partner is basically out of concern. People tend to fight or express anger to the ones they love. If they fight with you to make you realise something which was wrong it’s probably because they love you.

10. Giving In for one another

Give GesturesGiving in for your partner does not mean you lost a battle. On the contrary, it’s a gesture to make the other person feel important. It could be anything, a spontaneous plan or a long-term desire. It might not be too much but if it gives your partner some sort of contentment, then why not?

Moreover, it is very important to make your partner know how much you love them. In the long run what matters is the bond you share. Hence, these gestures will surely help you strengthen the bond and enhance your love life.

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