Top-Rated Destinations for a Desert Safari Around the World

Desert Safari around the World

Are you looking for the best evening desert safari Dubai? Or Want to plan trips to the best desert safari tours in Dubai, here are some top desert safari Dubai.

Mountains, beaches, and lush green forests are not the only capable of magnetizing tourists. Even deserts allure tourists and catch them in a good number. You are going to fall for the golden sands of the charming deserts.

Best Desert Safari in the world

Desert safaris are an imperative element of thedeserts. The whole world offers numerous desert safaris; here is a list of some best desert safari in the world.

The Arabian Desert, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The Arabian Desert lets you experience the desert environment on the outskirts of Dubai.

Sunset desert safari is the best of it. Riding on dunes by a four-wheeled vehicle, dine at a safari camp and highly energetic belly dance performance on the Arabic beats are main attractions.

Winter would be the best season to visit Dubai and experience the safari.


The Sahara Desert, Bahariya (Egypt)

Egypt is one of the most visited desert safari destinations and makes the experience of a safari in this desert a lifetime experience for people.

If you can explore the traditional life of the desert, the historic ruins are no less.

If the desert has campsites, it is also equipped with luxury resorts with modern amenities for accommodation.

The Golden Mummies, hot and cold springs, and saltwater lake act as the feather on the cap of this desert.

Explore Egypt on a Sahara Desert Safari

The Thar Desert, Jaisalmer (India)

The Thar Desert is inevitably one of the most glorious deserts in the world.

The sunrise is the most cherishing part and the sunset is the most beautiful part of the Sam Sand Dunes that lures nature lovers, travelers, and photographers.

The campfires and musical nights are also the main attractions for tourists. Witnessing various camel cavalcades will leave you wondering about its raw culture.

The Thar Desert, Jaisalmer (India)

The Black Rock Desert, Nevada (USA)

Being a blend of lava beds and alkali flats, it is one of the most unique deserts on the globe.

Secondly, it offers its guests a great number of adventures, wildlife viewing, hot spring bathing, wilderness training, hiking, and exploring the ghost towns, bonfire camping, lip-smacking food, and stargazing.

The climate remains friendly in major part of the year, it remains accessible.

Morning dance, Black Rock Desert. Nevada, USA
Morning dance, Black Rock Desert. Nevada, USA

The Wahiba Sands, Muscat (Oman)

The Wahiba Sands is another magnificent desert landscape that can be explored by jeep or camel.

Safari Desert Camp is located in a distant and quiet desert landscape of the Wahiba Sands.

Sumptuous camps serve its guests with authentic carpets, luxury beds, beddings, and whatnot. This remains incomplete without an amazing bonfire, mouth-watering delights, music, and heart-throbbing dance performances; you can also relax, sit beside your love and gaze at the twinkling stars.


Namib Desert, Namibia

The Namib Desert in Namibia is famous for its beautiful landscape and also for the fact that it is probably the oldest as well as the biggest desert.

This desert, which extends to South Africa and Angola, is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the high inland plateau.

While the huge dunes and backdrop of the Namib Desert are quite attractive, the real highlight of the place is its flora and fauna. Several animals like ostriches, antelopes, desert elephants, gazelles, etc. can be seen here.

As for plants, several unique plants are found here, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

The Namib-Naufluft National Park, which is the largest game reserve not only in Africa but also in the world, is located in this desert.


Dallol Desert, Ethiopia

For extreme adventure lovers, Dallol Desert in Ethiopia is a place that you must go on a safari.

Unlike the regular deserts with vast areas of sand, the Dallol Desert is unique in every way.

Here you would be welcomed by peculiar colored landscapes that are in reality salt deposits caused due to intense volcanic activities.

Other than this, you would also encounter salt lakes and sulfur springs here.

Located near the active Dabbahu volcano, this place is the lowest volcano in the world. This dessert is also on the list of one of the hottest places on earth.


Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Erg Chebbi is one of the main highlights of the Sahara desert in Morocco.

It has the highest dunes which have been created with the deposits of wind-blown sand.

Desert safari here is a common tourist attraction.

Apart from the surreal landscape of the place, there are several interesting things too. The flora and fauna of this desert include different species of reptiles, animals, rare plants.

Erg Chebbi, Morocco

White Sands National Monument, USA

Deserts of New Mexico, USA is white sand deserts.

The reason for the white-colored desert is the gypsum sand that fills the area, giving it an arresting look.

Unlike other deserts, you would find the sand here cool in touch.

Aside from this, you would also find a slight moisture content inside the sand, making it possible to take a walk barefoot without burning your soles. You can also try sandboarding and skating on these dunes.


There are categories in safaries you must you when you are looking for top-rated safari in the desert

Evening Desert Safari

This visit begins toward the evening over the desert of Dubai with a few stops for photography.

During an energizing rise drive, you show up at the main goal for wonderful dusk. We stop to watch the dusk and proceed with Dune slamming to at long last arrive at our campground.

Here you have the chance to do a camel ride, sand boarding and evaluate a henna configuration close by or feet.

Subsequent to becoming really hungry you find a good pace tasty grill supper and shisha (the popular Arabic water pipe).

You additionally find a workable pace Fire show and Tanura show execution around the open-air fire by starlight.

One must get a camera when moving to a desert safari in Dubai as the perspectives are stunning and magnificent.

Likewise, one should wear agreeable garments and keep away from gems or costly watches and phones as there is no sign at the camps.

Do attempt the Arabic espresso at the camp and shake your gut with our stomach artist!


Morning Desert Safari

Experience the safari in the first part of the day! For individuals who are lacking in time or have occupied nighttimes should attempt the morning safari for experience and Dune slamming.

Our vehicle will get you toward the beginning of the day around 9 AM and take you directly to the desert.

Here you will appreciate 20 minutes of wonderful rise slamming with our accomplished drivers and afterward head back to our camp.

Desert Safari Around the World, At the camp, you additionally have choices to attempt quad biking, camel rides, and sand skiing.

Water and sodas are complimentary at the camp.

From that point, the vehicle drops you to your lodging. The entire experience takes around 2 hours.

Morning Desert Safari

Medium-term Desert Safari

At least 2 individuals would make this safari uncommonly pleasant at the same time, in the event that you are distant from everyone else, don’t stop for a second to book this medium-term desert safari Dubai.

The medium-term Dubai safari is an expansion of the night desert safari and initiates once the visitors of the night safari have left the campground.

You can unwind at the medium-term tent during the night and appreciate the starry desert understanding.

Tent alongside beddings, cushions, and covers will be given. We do have washroom and shower offices at the desert safari camp.

You will be served a new breakfast in the first part of the day alongside tea/espresso before you head back to your lodging.

One must plan for vacation wit these top-rated destinations for a Desert Safari around the world.



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