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Looking for Nail Art? 10 Best Nail Salon in Chandigarh & Mohali

Are you looking for Good Nail Art?

Nails considered being the smallest part of the body which, if maintained will add on to beauty and if not, they can be irritating.

It is a trending era of lots of beautiful nail arts that can attract u badly, which is why one needs to look at this section of beauty as well.

It was a time when we used to chew our nails and nails were the least bothered part of the body.

But since modernization covered those eras completely we have to look forward to these trendy ways to maintain stability and presence of a good personality into the society, we need to be updated with all these things also.

Keeping nails healthy with care can be done at home with the natural process.

Do you want to be amazed to see a list of top 10 Nail art salon in Chandigarh & Mohali?

Nowadays there are many options available on the internet regarding nail designs and art but sometimes professional things are more dignified than the home-based ones. Lets put some seek over the Top 10 Nail Art salon in Chandigarh & Mohali where you can get the best deals with best nail designs to add on your beauty hacks.


1) Glitz Nail Art Studio Scf 34, Phase 7, Sector 61, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar

Giltz Nail Studio performs the professional art of designing the nails which give the nails a more impressive look. It was established in the year 2018 and considered as a top player in the category Acrylic Finger Nail Dealers in Chandigarh.

Giltz Nail Studio is also a well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of the Chandigarh as well.

They believe that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services.

Provides services like Acrylic Finger Nail Dealers, Beauty Parlours for Nail Art and extension, Nail Spas, Nail Art at Home, Nail Artist as well.

best nail art salon

2) Binny’s Nail Bar, SCF 18, Sector – 8B, Inner Market, Chandigarh

Binny’s Nail Bar is one the most loved Nail Salon in Chandigarh, Established in the year of 2000, counts as the top in the category of Nail Artists in Chandigarh, and also provides the destination services to the customers of Chandigarh.

It is easy to locate and the popularity of this salon evident from the 90+ reviews which have been received from social media platforms like Justdial/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Google users.

Services they provide, Nail Artists, Acrylic Finger Nail Dealers, Manicure, Beauty Parlours For Nail Art, Pedicure, Nail Exporters, Nail Extension, Nail Polish Exporters.binny nail art

3) Art Glam Nails Lashes Tatto Studio, SCO 461-462, 1st Floor, Sector 35 C Chandigarh

It started in the year of 2019, first, it was famous for Bridal Makeup Artist in Chandigarh but later they came up with the popularity of performing the best nail art in Chandigarh.

They are experts in providing services like Bridal Makeup Artists, Tattoo Artists, Mehendi Artists, Nail Arts, Hair Styles, and Evening Makeup Artist as well.Value-Place-8-Beautiful-Nail-Art-Inspiration-black-and-gold_1_815x415

4) Nav Nail Atelier, SCO 134, Second Floor, Chandigarh

Nav Nail Atelier believe to use the equipment and the hygiene that are maintained as per the international standards of client services.

They do Nail Extensions, Gel Nail Paints, Acrylic Nail Refill and Manicure Services. More or less they belive to perform brand designs in Nail art.

nav nail Art

5) Luxuriant Nail Bar, SCF 16, 2nd floor Phase 3b2, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar,

Which was Established in the year 2019,

Luxuriant Nail Bar is having a prompt working staff with lots of creativity which leads to customer satisfaction utmost. They also provide beauty parlors for Pedicure, Beauty Parlours for Fine Nail Art, Artist At Home, Beauty Parlour Classes For Nail Art, Artificial Nail Dealers, Beauty Parlours For Advance Pedicure, Bridal Mehendi Artists as well.

best nail art salon

6) Glimmer & Gloss SCO. 7-8, First Floor, 22C, Chandigarh, 160022

It started in the year of 2014 in Chandigarh with the category Beauty Salons For Women. It also provides a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Chandigarh as well. The salon will give you the best services in Bridal Makeup, in segments of a pedicure, and Nail art as well.

best nail art salon

7) Iris By Raisy Chadha SCO 54-55 Sector 9-D, Madhya Marg, Sector 9, Chandigarh

Iris performs Impeccable Style with extraordinary service. It provides you luxury experience as well.

Iris by Raisy Chadha is an award-winning Urban Spa and Beauty Salon which is also expertise in satisfying customers in terms of trendy Nail Art as well. One must try to get Luxury Experience with Iris By Raisy Chadha.

iris nail art

8) Nail and Lash Studio Academy Ajit Singh Nagar

Nail N Lash Studio Academy offers a multitude of services which include manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, eyelash removal, color eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions.

Nails N Lash Studio Academy focuses on keeping themselves updated with new trends. Keeping the demand for a new generation in mind they perform the best services to their customers.

best nail art salon

9) Pink Petals A Nail Salon Sector 27 -D, Second Floor, 19- 27 lightpoint, Chandigarh,

Pink Petals And Nail Salon is another option that serves the most attractive services being a specialist in Nail arts and designs. With Proper care and unique product which satisfy the customers for impressively with all genuine efforts ion professional art of nail designs.

best nail art salon

10) Base Coat Nail Studio SCO 12, First Floor, Sector 9-D, ( Inner Market), Chandigarh, 160009

Base Coat Nail Studio Sector 9 Chandigarh has the Breathable Collection of Nail products, nail care is now a cleaner, safer and more inclusive experience for all. These Nail colors and polishes are all 10-Free, Halal Certified and great for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Hence, Base Coat Nail Studio assures perfection with the best herbal products for nail care and trendy arts as well.

Discussing the Nails is a huge topic but to tell somebody its just the nails. We could not even imagine the big world rapidly increasing behind the section of Nail Art And Designs due to changing attitudes in the outlook of the trendy generations.

best nail art salon


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