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Do’s and Don’ts for decorating your homes in style


With the explosion of the internet, we can say that humankind is now almost connected. The Internet is considered as the ready reckon for any subject or any prescriptions. People rely too much on the self-sorted information. As if GOOGLE BABA has handed over a blueprint of the concluded subject. Please hold on.. this vast wealth of data is potentially valuable, but only with the right knowledge to visualize the information.

And that’s the reason the internet has become stifling for ‘creativity’. Maybe I’m not looking in the right direction, but often we end up arguing over our decisions & recommendations. Clients generally walk in with their vague set of downloaded referrals. I have noticed a trend with questions my clients ask and I have developed my personal theory behind this.

They’ll ask me questions like,“Should I install crown moulding in here?” “Should I replace this countertop and introduce stone?”,“What about a tray ceiling?” Endless and many expensive ways to update your house.  My theory is, it’s much easier to spend money on such things and often all the money gets exhausted.

Its the atmosphere which gets created only when you decorate. You can have the most beautifully designed house, but if you spend all your money on materials & other renovations and are left with no money for furniture you are truly selling yourself short. Are there exceptions to this? Of course, for example, a cramped old house with new flooring or walls taken out to create a better living area and so on.

Generally, let’s assume your house is NOT the exception. Let’s imagine you have a perfectly acceptable kitchen but it’s just outdated? Better to Paint the Cabinets and decorate, finish your house because that is what will make you happy when you walk in the door, more than brand new cabinets will Maybe.

There is no point trying to decorate your house yourself if you simply don’t have that particular essence of interiors.  The list of choices you need to make before you come to your finished room is much longer and more complicated than you might think. Shopping for furniture has to be judicious & with expert advice, it’s only fun when you find ‘the one’, the piece (or 2 or 3) that makes you happy because you know it’s perfect, especially when it’s at a price point you want to pay. Accessory shopping is so much easier but you can’t really shop for accessories until the big pieces are installed.

The feeling of a house changes so drastically to fabulous after it’s decorated& with the right set of furniture articles complementing it—which is why it has a masses appeal—and you will wonder how you would have lived so long without it.

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