A young talent will soon step into the Entertainment Industry

25 year old from Delhi Shcesh Murgai is amongst a talented lot of Choreographer coming from Delhi. Delhi who has the potential of producing successful personalities will never disappoint us. Shcesh Murgai along with the calm and quiet personality can equally charge and charm you when he is on the stage with his magical moves.

Shcesh has trained himself in various dance forms in which ballet and contemporary are the ones he is famous for. After training himself for years and going through the journey of choreographing events and shows now he is also attached with ASIA ART FESTIVAL as a CULTURAL HEAD.

Being a trained dancer he generally deals with a lot of injuries. Despite having injuries he never gives up on his schedule for almost 5-6 hours.

Delhi Shcesh Murgai

Shcesh who loves to choreograph had done his graduation from IP University and he credits his family for being there and keeps supporting and uplifting in what he does. And he shared the mantra of his life OBSERVE IMPLEMENT CREATE (you should observe the opportunities and should know what will work for you.. you should implement the strategies and ideas on which you have worked upon in the observation stage. Now you all set to create your ideas and also see how your thing works) it is an ongoing process and you have to keep working for what you like.

To interact more with the public he also put the videos on YouTube as Shcesh Murgai

 And also on Instagram

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