Firefighters in Chandigarh will soon be seen riding on Red Bullet Bikes

Bullet Bikes to be driven soon by the men in Red

Firefighters in Chandigarh to be riding Red colour Bullets. This decision will help firefighters to reach affected areas in time. The fire tender vehicles get caught in heavy traffic and are unable to reach some places in time. They have purchased as many as 7 Bullets which are worth Rs 7.77 lakh. The bikes will be equipped with advanced firefighting technology worth Rs 45 lakh. These bikes will help the firefighters to reach well in time and also help them escape from narrow lanes and congested areas.
The kits on the bike consist of- 10 litres of water each in two AFTs on both sides of the bike, a gun to discharge water, 750 ml of foam in a machine and an oxygen cylinder to make adequate pressure for releasing water. The kits are being installed on all the seven bikes.

A Sneak Peek by the officials

ADC Uma Shankar Gupta says: “The equipment is being installed on the bikes, so they will be flagged off in a fortnight’s time.”

A fireman from the department says: “These bikes will help only in small fire incidents. The water can be released up to 10 meters. So, it won’t immediately help in case of a big fire break out.”
A senior official from the department shares: “The firefighters faced trouble in rushing to congested areas like sectors 22 and Manimajra in case of fire.” “There have been incidents when the fire tender vehicles fail to enter internal lanes. The bikes will be more convenient can easily rush through in heavy traffic as well,” the official said.
In 2015 higher officials had asked for an explanation for reaching late at Shantinagar in Manimajra. Justifying their delay the firemen informed senior officials that due to narrow lanes and traffic they couldn’t reach in time. This incident led the officials to take a decision to purchase Bullets.

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