WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (20th-26th MAY 2018)

Want to know what’s in store for you this week? Read our weekly horoscopes so that you know what challenges you can expect to face in the week ahead. These are predictions based on Sun Sign.

Aries (21st March to 20th April):

Venus moved to Cancer, the fourth House from your Sign, over the earlier end of the week. This is the House illustrative of your home and heart. Is a short visit to your youth home at the forefront of your thoughts? The ones living without end for work may really be wanting to travel home, this week. You will likewise be loaded with a desire to make more money. Well, that’s a good idea, however, don’t succumb to untrustworthy practices.

Taurus (21st April to 21st May):

Venus moved to Cancer – your third House – last Sunday. You might fall head-over-heels in love with an old companion. Is it true that you are? Your social cooperation’s and the group that backs you – your circle – will bring you happiness. Mighty Sun likewise now moves to Gemini – your second House. Family matters and funds get washed in daylight, accordingly. Legacy matters may go to the front line. Your position will stay real and systematic in all that ensues. Family-related expenses surge.

Gemini (22nd May to 21st June):

Venus recently moved to your 2nd House i.e. Cancer. This will bring a calming effect on your home turf. Sun also now moves to your Sign. This is a good time when rewards and recognition will come your way. People in your social circle will be impressed by you. However, you must not spend more than your means to show off or flaunt.

Cancer (22nd June to 22nd July):

Venus entered your Sign, throughout the end of the week. This is uplifting news, as you will feel lighter and better. Sun moves to your twelfth House i.e. Gemini. You might be in two personalities, over purchasing something expensive. Sun is additionally the leader of your second House i.e. funds and family. There is a probability of misfortune or wastage. A legacy may likewise go from your hands. Try not to take any monetary choices, without thinking precisely.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd August):

Are you being excessively overbearing and demanding, when the week starts? Tell yourself and change your state of mind for better. Individuals around you may really be presently afraid of you. This is just going to worsen the situation – in your family and personal circumstances. With Venus in twelfth House, you may wish to enjoy gluttonous delights and luxuries. Over-expenditure is predicted here.

Virgo (23rd August to 22nd September):

Mighty Sun changes Signs to enter Gemini – your tenth House, as the week starts. Business-related to government or some senior specialists may surface. Some of you, particularly business people, may need to venture out abroad to finalize a deal. Mars in your sixth House may make you extra bold at work. Be cautious. Ahead of schedule in the week, Moon crosses through your twelfth House in the organization of malefic Rahu.

Libra (23rd September to 22nd October):

Mighty Sun travels to your ninth House of your luck and fortune, as the week starts. This is a decent sign, as you will now observe the universe favoring you, to some extent. The leader of your Sign Venus travels through the tenth House from your Sign. This is a quieting impact for your expert and karmic zone. You will feel happy at your work-place, which will be a source of relaxation and success.

Scorpio (23rd October to 22nd November):

Venus moved to Cancer – your ninth House, on the past Sunday. You can expect positive news. The mood will be soft and emotional, and you can expect luck to side with you in creative avenues, home issues and anything to do with your touchy side. Sun also moves to Mercury-ruled Gemini, the eighth House for you. You should take great care of your wellbeing. Although you will motivate opportunities to profit, you should not neglect to watch your back – and ought not to enjoy unjustifiable methods for acquiring a fast buck.

Sagittarius (23rd November to 21st December):

This is the week when you need to be lazy and relaxed. Well, not at all – if this is just a one-off! Working from your comfort zone or slowing down, every once in a while, is actually good for your sanity – just don’t make it a habit. By the way, it’s the cosmic vibe too that’s giving you a free-way to just lie low and see the world speed by from the sidelines. Because, the happy, creative and chilled-out Venus is now traversing through the 8th House from your Sign.

Capricorn (22nd December to 20th January):

Venus is currently in your Seventh House, and it travels contrary to the retrograde Saturn. This planetary development demonstrates inconvenience and disharmony in your wedded or committed relationship. Ones working in association business may likewise have an extreme time, dealing with their partners. Differences of opinion and a feeling of loneliness may creep in your closest relations. This is a delicate time, so handle all matters very carefully and softly.

Aquarius (21st January to 18th February):

Venus moved to watery Cancer – the 6th House from your Sign – over the previous weekend. Sun, this week, moves to your 5th House – Gemini. Both work and personal sphere get a fresh dose of planetary energy. Use it constructively – and to your advantage. Health must be guarded, as over-indulgence in food, drink or any sort of fun activity is likely – and may result in ailments.

Pisces (19th February to 20th March):

Venus entered the mellow and sensitive Cancer, the 5th House for you, previous Sunday. You feel ‘in love’ with your home – and inners self. It’s a good time to focus on building your personal repertoire with new skills and creative activities. Work, however, may play the spoilsport, by keeping you tied up for long hours, not giving you enough leeway to enjoy this time. Overall, though, the tensions won’t melt away but you shall feel much more in command – or rather more detached from the ongoing dramas.

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