Tarot Card Reading is all about Intuition, Patience and Faith

What exactly is Tarot?

The word ‘Tarot’ brings in quite a few perceptions and misconceptions about it. For an instance, when we talk about a Tarot Card Reading or Tarot reader, the first thing that comes to mind is; a lady with the flair of curls wearing jazzy ornaments and a sinuous robe with a crystal ball in front of her. This is because cinema and novels have described us in that way. However, in reality, it’s a different picture altogether.

Many times I have come across questions like; why is there no magical crystal ball? Why there aren’t any glittery curtains, witchy stuff, and dim lights? Well, folks, we aren’t shooting for a movie.

All about the cards

Moreover, the most common question every Tarot practitioner comes across is, “How does this thing work?” Well, here’s how:

Tarot is lots more than what we generally assume. For all those who don’t know, it is a set of colourful cards with meaningful pictures and every picture depicts something. However, all the colours on the cards, pictorial descriptions and numbers convey a message. It is a deck of seventy-eight cards in total. The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana are the two sets of Tarot. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and the Minor Arcana has 56 cards. Hence, the cards of the Major Arcana weave the basic life of a person.

Fooling Around

Fool Tarrot Card‘The Fool’, is ‘The Zero’ numbered card. ‘The Fool’ depicts the beginning of the exploration of a journey of life wherein one is ready to take new challenges.

Magician and High Priestess

Magician Tarrot Card‘The Magician’ takes you a step ahead of where you begin to manifest your dreams. ‘The High Priestess’ brings you closer to your subconscious and intuitions.

The Emperor and The Empress

The Emperor and The EmpressHowever, ‘The Empress’ card nurtures you and provides a domestic comfort. While ‘The Emperor’ depicts a decision. Therefore, on the way to this journey one is guided by a mentor or a teacher which is represented by ‘The Hierophant’.

Love, Fortune, Strength, and Justice

Love Tarrot Card‘The Lovers’ unite you to the best of you. ‘The Chariot’ acts as a further direction. However, ‘The Strength’ constantly supports you with courage in the times of low. ‘The Hermit’ teaches you to look within for some answers to the unanswered questions. Hence, ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ helps you balance the act of past karmas and you are rewarded. Further, this is governed by ‘The Justice’.

Death, Devil and the Hanged Man

Death, Devil and the Hanged ManHowever, ‘The Hanged Man’ shows you the other perspective on certain aspects. Therefore, ‘The Death’ card brings in a complete transformation as the change is inevitable. ‘The Devil’ depicts your addictions and dependencies.

The Tower

Tarrot Card‘The Tower’ helps open your pre-conditioned minds and frees you from certain beliefs.

Judgement and World

Judgement and World Tarrot cardFurthermore, ‘The Judgement’ card helps in self-analysis and revaluation of your own self. Hence, with ‘The World’ card, the journey comes to an end as it depicts that the major cycle of the life’s drama is over and all your efforts are finally paying off.

Star, Moon, and Sun

Sun Moon Star Tarrot Card‘The Star’ gives you an understanding and hope for the future. However, ‘The Moon’ helps you reconnect with the higher self. ‘The Sun’ brings with joy and a happy reunion after the dark is over.

Tarot is all about Intuition

However, this is one aspect of Tarot Cards. It gives you a clear picture of where you are headed to. In fact, it also helps you come out of the clouds of confusion. Therefore, intuitions play a major role while using Tarot Cards. It’s just about making the right connection with your inner self.

These amazing set of cards can help you with some unanswered questions. In fact, you end up picking up a card with your intuitive sense. Hence, the cards will assist you accurately if handled with a calm and composed mind.


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