Six Easy Tips For Eat and Live Healthier

Eat and Live Healthier

Diet usually comprises of the same half a dozen foods, day after day and this falls short to fulfill your nutritional needs. Turn it into a healthier diet by adding variety in it and choose from a wide assortment of healthy food options.

Look below for steps to follow to make your diet healthier

1. Protein in Diet

Protein in dietInclude a good source of protein in your snack or meals. The protein stays longer in your stomach so it helps you feel fuller for a good time. This vital component helps to build muscles and has superpowers to boost one’s health. Apart from dairy products, plant products, peanut butter you can add eggs and lean meat in your menu.

2. Prefer Whole Grains

Whole GrainsWhole grains provide more nutrients, especially fiber than refined grains. Replace your bread with one showing words ‘whole grains’.Use of multigrain flour for making chapattis increase protein and mineral content as well.

3. Cooking Food in Healthy Oil

Cooking food in healthy oilOil plays a major role in cooking. Choose oils with less saturated fat per tablespoon or trans-fat. Try different oils as they have distinctive flavors and select the one you like. Choices can be from olive oil, Peanut oil, Canola oil, and many more such healthy ones.

4. High Fiber Food

High fiber foodFiber decreases the pace of absorption of carbohydrates. This helps in improving metabolism, belly health and also lend a helping hand to lose weight. One can opt for a variety of fiber food like fruits, dark color vegetables, beans, nuts. Start your meal with a plate of veggies or snacks on fruit daily and see the change.

5. Snacking for Haleness

Snacking for halenessTo get through the workday, snacks are energy chargers. Mixed nuts, dark chocolates, Avocadoes, roasted chickpeas, popcorns, Foxnuts and the list is long.

6. Water Indispensable Part of the Diet

Water indispensable part of dietDrink water instead of beverages. Although people prefer to drink juice and other drinks to remain hydrated nothing can supplant water.

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Do not undermine the role of various factors mentioned underneath:

While you cook, indulge in baking, roasting instead of frying and grilling. There are many other healthier ways of cooking. Traditional slow cooking, pressure cooking, stewing are beneficial for health.

Say ‘NO’ to fruit juices but instead eat fruits

Fruit juices can spur your sugar levels and are devoid of fiber, so why just drink to fill the belly.

Mind your pace of eating food

We actually belong to the “over rushed” adult population. Hardly ever we sit and enjoy working day meals. This has a negative effect on our health. Eating slowly and chewing properly is not just beneficial for digestion but also aids in eating less.

Food habits do not need panic-stricken transformation but instead modify and incorporate these healthy tips and get a new lease of life.

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