Rohit Sharma hits another record by smashing a double century in ODIs

Captain Rohit Sharma seems to be in full form after he hits his 3rd double century in ODIs. Rohit is appointed as the Indian team’s Captain in place of Virat. The player took everyone by surprise after scoring a double century against Sri Lanka in Mohali. Apart from a breathtaking score of 208 he has made quite a few records in the process.

However, Shikhar Dhawan assisted the batsman in the beginning of the innings. Therefore, Rohit Sharma notched his career’s 16th ODI century with a smashing score. However, he made his third double-hundred in ODIs, which is by far the highest by anyone ever.

Moreover, Rohit Sharma is one of the captains who scored a 200 in ODI against Sri Lanka in Mohali after Virender Sehwag (then Captain) in 2011.

Some other records by Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma has successfully hit 41 sixes in a calendar year in ODIs for India which is the most by far after Sachin Tendulkar (40) in 1998 and Sourav Ganguly (35) in 2000. However, he is the first batsman to score more than 100 runs in the last ten overs in ODI history. He scored 107 today and 110 against Sri Lanka in 2014. Therefore, the player has successfully joined the league with Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir to have scored a maiden 100 as a Captain in ODIs.

Furthermore, Rohit (162) is ranked fourth in the list of batsmen with the highest number of sixes for India in ODIs after MS Dhoni (208), Sachin Tendulkar (195), Sourav Ganguly (189). He has now joined Sachin Tendulkar and David Warner for making the highest number of 150 scores in ODIs. Therefore, the Team has also made a century by scoring more than 300 in ODIs for the 100th time. Hence, it is the highest number of times a country has scored more than 300 in ODI.

However, He has scored some breathtaking runs during the last five years in the ODIs. Hence, in 2013 Rohit scored 209 runs, 264 runs in 2014, 150 runs in 2015, in 2016 he scored 171 runs and this year he scored 208. Therefore, it is till now the highest score by an Indian Captain in ODIs.

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