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10 Worst Foods That Damage Your Teeth – List of the Worst Foods

Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Eating is as imperative for human beings as breathing is. But what we eat is of significance. Our teeth have a thin film of bacteria present on it even after brushing. This film is called plaque. The bacteria in this film use the sugary or sticky food we eat to produce acid which causes tooth decay thereby causing caries.

However, the presence of saliva in our mouth reduces the chances of tooth decay. At night there is none to minimal saliva in our mouth thereby accelerating the acid production process by the plaque bacteria and thus causing caries. Therefore brushing at night before going to bed is essential for the longevity of our teeth.

Here the List of the 10 Foods that Damage teeth

Find below some of the worst foods you need to avoid for your healthy teeth. In this informative blog we are focus on the 10 foods that damage teeth:

1. Candy


While candies may seem harmless, eat too many of these and you expose your teeth to the process of decay.  Avoid eating too many candies for curing your teeth. Besides, hard candies can also cause a dental emergency like a broken tooth or fractured tooth.

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2. Foods that go “Crunch”

Foods that go Crunch

Everybody loved the nice satisfying crunch of potato chips. But these potato chips are made of starch from the potato which is the sticky substance that tends to get trapped in your teeth while you eat. This damages the teeth in the same way the candy does. Care should be given to flossing your teeth while brushing.

3. Beware of Sports Drinks

Beware of sports drinks

They sound healthy, but sugar is the top and major constituent in most of the sports drinks.  Before your next sip, check the label of the sports drink and make sure it is low in sugar content. Otherwise, sports drinks damage your teeth.

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4. Watch your Citrus Intake

Watch your citrus intake

Frequent exposures to acidic foods can erode enamel making teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. So, even a simple addition of lemon to your glass can make your drink a fun beverage, it is not healthy for your teeth.

5. Not all Coffee is good for you

Not all coffee is good for you

In their natural form, tea or coffee are beneficial for your health, but most people cannot resist adding sugar thereby turning a beneficial drink to a potential harmful drink.

Caffeinated coffee and tea can dry your mouth and increasing the harmful effect of bacteria and thus increasing the tooth decay process.

6. Pickles


Acid (provided by vinegar in this case) is essential to the pickling process. It’s what gives pickles their sour, salty taste and also makes them hazardous to tooth enamel.

7. Soda


Whenever you drink soda or any sugary drinks for long periods of time, plaque bacteria use that sugar to produce acids that attack enamel, the hard surface of your tooth and thereby damaging it.

8. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth.  People who drink excessively may find that their saliva flow is reduced over time which can lead to tooth decay and other oral infections such as gum disease.

9. Crackers & Biscuits

Crackers and Biscuits

The refined carbohydrates found in crackers and biscuits convert to sugar in the mouth very quickly thus providing fodder for the cavity-forming bacteria. These also turn mushy when chewed and thus lodges between teeth especially molars and causing proximal caries (caries between connecting surfaces of teeth).

10. Chocolate


In addition to being sweet chocolates tend to lodge between teeth or on surfaces of teeth especially molars thus causing tooth decay.

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