Starbucks introduces range of all new Cold Brew beverages

Chandigarh: The perfect way for coffee lovers to enjoy their coffee this summer! Starbucks has introduced a range of all-new Cold Brew beverages! All coffee enthusiasts can enjoy the stimulating new flavors that offer customers an elevated coffee experience through its cutting-edge take on the signature Cold Brew.

Citrus Cold Brew

Slow-steeped cold brew, with a hint of lemonade and ruby grapefruit. A delightfully refreshing treat.

Cascara Cold Foam Cold Brew 

Refreshing Cold Brew is topped with a smooth layer of low fat cold foam prepared with Cascara syrup then finished with a strike of brown sugar topping.

Cold Foam Cold Brew

Refreshing Cold Brew is topped with a smooth layer of low-fat cold foam.

Cold Brew Black 

Starbucks® Kenya coffee is freshly ground and steeped for 48 hours. This artisanal process results in deliciously iced coffee that is served over ice, unsweetened.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Made with Starbucks® Cold Brew over ice and topped with a house-made vanilla sweet cream, which floats on top of the beverage before slowly cascading down.
*Available in all Starbucks stores across India at Rs. 240 onwards
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