Chandigarh Residents to pay double the charges for parking

The parking charges at paid parking lots have been doubled in Chandigarh. The residents of the city will have to pay double the price for parking on an hourly basis from tomorrow onwards. Apart from this, the rates will be further doubled from April 1, 2018.

Revised Charges

The contractor, Arya Toll Infra Ltd in collaboration with the Chandigarh MC upgraded 25 parking lots to smart parking lots. The rates of these parking lots have been revised from Rs 2 and Rs 5 to Rs 5 and Rs 10 for two wheelers and four wheelers respectively. Furthermore, the residents will have to pay additional Rs 5 and Rs 10 after four hours. However, day passes for two wheelers and four wheelers will be available for Rs 15 and Rs 25 respectively.

Moreover, parking charges at Piccadilly multiplex, Sector 34, Fun Republic, Manimajra and Elante Mall has also been doubled. And no monthly passes will be issued for these locations. Therefore, these places will not charge an hourly basis.

Multi-Level Parking in Sector 17 is now the Cheapest

The multi-level parking in Sector 17 will be the cheapest for two-wheelers and four-wheelers with charges Rs 2 and Rs 5 respectively. However, the residents will be charged Rs 2 and Rs 5 for the first hour and the same will be added after every two hours.

Change in prices from April 1

Furthermore, the parking charges will be doubled from April 1, 2018. The charges will be Rs 10 and Rs 20 for two wheelers and four wheelers respectively. Therefore, it will increase to Rs 10 and Rs 20 after every two hours for both two wheelers and four wheelers. However, the day pass for two-wheelers will charge Rs 25. And a similar pass for four-wheelers will charge Rs 50. Hence, we hope the newly upgraded parking lots are worth the price hike.

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