10 Amazing Beauty Products You Can Find In Your Kitchen

There are numerous beauty products in the market and they are way too highly priced. And it’s a vicious circle of buying beauty products for every little thing. The so-called expensive beauty products dig a hole in our pockets and aren’t even as good. So switching to natural products and remedies is the best way to keep all the beauty products at bay.

However, it’s always best to treat your skin and hair with natural things available at home. They are not only better but also save money. In fact, all those products our stylists tell us are way out of our budget.

Moreover, the natural products are not only good for skin and hair but are also easy to use. And the best part is that these products can be found in our homes. So no more rushing to a store for expensive beauty products!

1. Baking Soda

Baking SodaApart from being used for baking, Baking soda is great for cleaning. It can be used to whiten our teeth. And if mixed in shampoo t helps in an extra cleanse and can also be used to soften calluses. This multi-purpose product works wonders and is not at all expensive.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarThe list would be incomplete without mentioning Apple cider vinegar (ACV). The product is just magical. Two tablespoons of ACV per day are great for weight loss. It also helps in reducing redness and swelling of pimples. Just dab it on those stubborn pimples and see the change. Moreover, it also detangles hair and boosts shine if used right after shampoo. So if you don’t one, you should definitely get it.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut OilCoconut oil is just amazing. It is a natural hair mask and promotes hair growth. The oil is also an incredible moisturizer for skin. However, with this, your hair and skin will not only look but also feel amazing.

4. Avocado


Avocado is an all-rounder. It’s a killer hair mask. A great moisturizing facial and even helps in soothing a sunburn. All you have to do is, mash it and apply.

5. Honey


Honey work wonders for acne and is one of the best ways to naturally treat acne. However, it should be applied on the acne spots to reduce redness. Therefore, it also softens the skin and kills bacteria.

6. Sugar

Sugar ScrubSugar is an amazing natural exfoliator, but sugar scrubs are way too pricey at the store. It’s better to make one rather than buying. However, just add sugar, coconut oil and some essential oils in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients to make an awesome sugar scrub.

7. Tea

Tea Bag

Keeping caffeinated tea bags under the eyes reduces puffiness and swelling. And soaking feet in black tea can make odors disappear.

8. Baby powder

Baby powder is a savior if you’re in a hurry and have no time to for a hair wash. Just sprinkle some powder on the roots, rub it in and you’re sorted. Say bye-bye to greasy hair!

9. Ice

Face IceIce is a common remedy for reducing redness and swelling. And it is incredible when used for acne. However, just wrap an ice cube in a towel and hold it on the stubborn pimple which is adamant to go away. Therefore, it will reduce the swelling and redness and your face will look great.

10. Lemons

Lemon on faceLemons are a great way to brighten up your skin if you feel dull. It might sting for a second. However, rubbing half a lemon on the face helps get a brighter complexion. Therefore, it also helps to have and a more even skin tone.

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