Things men can certainly do better than women


The fight between the two genders has been going on for ages. Both men and women try to overshadow each other on various platforms. However, women have taken over their opposite sex in many fields and have proved that they are certainly better than them. Therefore, guys tend to be emotionally weaker than females. However, it’s a never-ending fight between the sexes. But, there are many things in which women cannot beat men. Here is a list of thing in which guys certainly have an upper hand.

Better Liver

Men have better liverMen have larger appearance than women and so are their liver. They are naturally more efficient than women when it comes to digesting alcohol. The female body lacks one of the key components of ADH isozymes. ADH (Alcohol Dehydrogenase) helps in the digestion of alcohol. Men are famous for their beer bellies and their bigger frames help absorb alcohol more effectively. Hence, they are scientifically better than women when it comes to drinking. Cheers!

Efficient Shopping

Men efficient in shoppingMen are sorted when it comes to shopping. They know exactly what they want, where to go it from. However, for women, it’s a task and they end up buying one thing after being in the mall for hours. Moreover, they are quicker in shopping even they are confused over something but women certainly take ages to decide. Therefore, it is also noted that women have a tendency to shop impulsively because of multiple mood swings. Hence, guys are way better and sorted when it comes to shopping.

Getting Ready

Men get ready fastWell, this one is indeed unbeatable. Ladies take ages to get ready and this can never change. For girls, getting ready is a project which they have to accomplish with efficiency. And be it any age group ladies will always take a lifetime to get dolled up. However, for men, it’s totally the opposite. They have been unbeatable by women in this task too. Therefore, men hardly take any time to get dressed. Unlike women, they do not plan their outfits. In fact, guys wear whatever is comfortable and saves time while dressing up. Thus, they even end up wearing the same underpants for days to just save time. Hence, they can never give an excuse for being late because it took them longer to get ready.

Pee Game

Pee GameMen have always been carefree and their power of urinating upright gives them an upper hand. This is one thing women can’t even think of beating men in. They became naturally dominant in this one as women can no way compete with them.

Being Bald

Men being baldUnfortunately, men tend to face hair loss problems earlier than women. However, this happens because of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone which slows down hair growth. In fact, the hormone is responsible for producing weak and shorter hair. Therefore, men cannot be beaten into going bald.

No Attention

Men avoid attentionUnlike women, men are born with the ability to avoid attention. They do not like being in the limelight for no reason. However, guys do not like to grab unnecessary attention. While for women it’s a big deal to not get attention. Moreover, women feel motivated when they make heads turn for something or the other. Therefore, the male counterparts on the contrary like to keep it low key.


Men looks youngerFemales have always been horrified by ageing. It is like a nightmare for most women. However, guys overpower ladies in this as well because men do not look older even if they are. Men have a 25pc thicker top layer of skin as compared to women. This top layer of skin helps lock moisture and prevent excessive dryness. Therefore, men age better than women and also look way younger than their opposite sex.

Pretending to listen

Men pretends to listenMultitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Boys never fail to prove that they cannot do two things simultaneously. However, every woman comes across times when their man will try to convince them that he was all ears. But on the contrary, he has no clue of what you said. Therefore, they are really good at pretending that they were listening and know every bit of all that was being said. Hence, women cannot do this as efficiently as men.
However, men have quite a few things in their kitty now. These are some amazing facts men can brag about. Therefore, the never-ending fight will go on and on and there is no way either of the genders will give up.


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