Delicious food is basic to man’s survival. And in summers, great restaurants making chilling out an awesome affair. While you may have’ been to a few, there’s numerous more to eat at and see with your own eyes.

I’ve listed some new restaurants in Chandigarh for you that are talk of the town these days.

Social-Sector 7

Social Sector 7It is the current hang out destination in Chandigarh, buzzing with life and a youthful crowd. The Talk of the Town, SOCIAL Chandigarh. It’s been built up about even before it opened up and now that it has been, it’s absolutely justified. It has seating territories both outside and inside, additionally some private seating zones. Ensure you call for reservations as this place is constantly full. The administration is exceptionally quick, so you won’t need to sit tight for the hogging to begin. Location: SCO 37, Madhya Marg, Sector 7, Chandigarh.


PalatePixie lights swinging from a rural wooden handcrafted chandelier, wooden seats and tables. This place gives you the vibe of a modest outbuilding wedding feel finish with wooden work and decorative things. The menu may appear to be unassuming comprising of Continental, North Indian and Asian. With not all that modest things like Kothe which are pan-fried dumpling. And are a must try along with Turkish fish kebab that was the definition of perfection. Sweets like honey noodles with frozen yoghurt and prepared blueberry cheesecake additionally take the spotlight. Location: Shop No: 4-6, Ground floor, Berkeley Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh.

The Big Bro

The Big BroLike the warm embrace of a loved one, this place has all the glow it can give with its wooden interiors. The focal sitting is extremely intriguing, appears to unite outsiders like a family. The sustenance menu is a blend of burgers, sandwiches, fast chomps to enhanced espresso alongside substantial obligation pizzas. Very well known for its chocolate mousse cakes and different things you would experience a hard time to look over. Location: SCO: 352, Sector-9, Panchkula. 

Tao Brew Pub

Tao Brew PubThe night sky over, a bar that doesn’t simply look all around loaded and inviting. However, it’s a glass-walled brewery with a clock that says the party time has quite recently started. And an antique statue that is by all accounts guarding the bottling works and looks upon the prospective gatherings. Exciting isn’t it? From French to Chilean to Indian wines, champagnes, and exemplary mixed drinks. They are pretty well stocked! A half quart of brew costs INR 125, alongside live music and smoking spaces. The food served along is Continental, Italian, and North Indian. Location: SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh.

Falcon Cafe Lounge

Falcon Cafe LoungeA falcon is equitably dazzling when it’s not in flight. This eatery may not be at a tallness and give you a stunning view. Yet the food is unquestionably going to take you to joyous beyond words. The hues managing the outside and insides of the bistro are according to the slanting pastel colours. They truly take into account every last one, as they have dens and play zone for little children also! The sound shakes in chic containers that are Instagram commendable alongside oriental, Indian platters of burgers. They even take into account your sweet tooth with a little pastry shop outwardly. An intriguing and ideal place for everybody. Location: Site No. 5, Sector 16, Panchkula.

Lah Di Dah Cafe

Lah Di Dah CafeInsides that would have you occupied with clicking pictures and selfies before you settle down to arrange some sustenance. A grey modern tree in the centre with splendid yellow couches circumventing it. It’s not only the interiors which will draw out your cameras however the food is photogenic as well! Differing from healthy to binge-worthy treats, this place has everything. Art is the word that is the topic with regards to food and the stylistic layout. Location: Coal Depot Complex, Sector 10 D, Chandigarh.


BoathouseNeed a vibe of the Bahamas or do you miss the beach? Don’t worry the Boathouse, as the name recommends has its topic circling the perfect blue tints of the sea. Along with bar stools and cruising artefacts. It would appear that you’re in a fantasy or more probable inside a happy boat. The interiors do magic on you and you are prepared to cruise away. Give your tongue a chance to voyage along the coast of Continental, Mexican, Asian, Oriental food. I am absolutely sure you won’t need this trip to end. Location: Ground Floor, Adjacent to Volvo Showroom, Elante Mall, Chandigarh Industrial Area, Chandigarh.

Crazy Town

Crazy TownPamper your inner child or bring your kids to this place. Crazy Town has arcades, toffee and frozen yoghurt themed couches, a bouncy house which will make you crazy positively. It’s bound to influence you to giggle and leave you with a grin, heaps of fun recollections from this place. It serves North Indian, Chinese, Italian and continental in a casual dining set up. Location: SCO 43, Sector 7, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.

Mist Cafe and Bar

Mist Cafe and BarMist Cafe and BarThe name relevantly runs with the interiors, Yellow filament bulbs, Chinese lamps, and old blocks it gives a misty feeling. There are game plans for a stocked bar alongside a pool table. With old fashioned and a contradicting menu, you can state best of the Italian, North Indian and Continental food here. It serves breakfast also. Location: SCO 326, Sector 9, Panchkula.

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