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Comedian Jaspreet Singh will be in Chandigarh to tickle your funny bones

Your favorite hangout places know your interests well. The latest trend of stand-up comedy has gone viral all over. People like watching stand-up comedy videos online. And these guys who are doing it are really good with their punches and jokes about some common facts of life. But what if we tell you that you can watch your favorite comedians perform live in your own city? Yes, that’s right. Some of the happening places in tricity are holding events for their visitors. Comedian Jaspreet Singh is all set to perform live in Chandigarh.

Live Stand-up Comedy in Chandigarh

On such show is coming up in Chandigarh. The city beautiful is catching up with the trend of live stand-up comedy. Famous comedian Jaspreet Singh will be performing live at Kitty Ko, The Lalit on December 15 at 8:00 PM. Jaspreet’s videos are trending online. He will be in Chandigarh to tickle your funny bones. With his performance, he ensures the audiences have a hearty laugh.

All we want is a change in our monotonous routines. Furthermore, people can never get bored of stand-up comedy. Apart from live bands, stand-up comedians are entertaining people in Chandigarh. Therefore, your favorite hangout places are catching up with the change in trend. Hence, stand-up comedy is here to stay.

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