Chandigarh to install PELICAN lights, a step towards pedestrian safety

Chandigarh is all set to make safe intersection points for pedestrians. The UT engineering wing has introduced Pedestrian Light Controlled Crossing (PELICAN) at 16 places in the Chandigarh. However, the initiative will help upgrade the city beautiful. Also, the directions have been specified in all the three languages: Hindi, English, and Punjabi.

Therefore, Pedestrian light controlled crossing allows people on foot to negotiate traffic at zebra lines.

About PELICAN Lights

Moreover, pedestrians will be able to press a button signaling with these PELICAN lights. Therefore, the drivers will have to stop when there is a steady red signal to the traffic. And, the pedestrians will cross the road at the green signal.

However, the installation of these lights will be worth Rs 32 lakh at all the locations. Therefore, the traffic police raised the issue in the road safety council meeting. Hence, the UT engineering wing took the initiative for the pedestrian.

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