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Let’s eat a lot this Diwali

With Diwali around the corner, binge eating is not a thing you can escape easily. After all, it is that time of the year when the more you avoid the heavenly sweetness, the more it chases you. It is everywhere; at your office, in your kitchen and even in your dreams. We’ve all seen that even the most diligent diet plans start to mean nothing as there comes a point every Diwali when we give in to temptation.  So instead of gearing up for another test of resistance, let’s find a way we can eat a lot without hurting the stomach. Yes, you read it right, let’s eat a lot this Diwali.

Wondering how this is even possible? Read on….

Enjoying food is not about devouring a whole slice of cheesecake and then regretting it later. It is about making a right and informed eating choices; I mean there is a whole world of indulgences beyond the ‘Rasmalai’ and the ‘Chocolate Fudge’. Here is a quick plan:

Fruits, Chocolates, and Nuts

Fruits, Chocolates and NutsHow about dipping half of the strawberry in molten chocolate, freezing it and enjoying it with desiccated coconut! You can do the same with nuts like almonds for healthy desserts. That’s one healthy way of enjoying the bliss of chocolate with the goodness of fruits and nuts.


Plan your Feast

cinnamon waterIf you know you can’t avoid those sweets someone gave you as Diwali compliments, do your best to negate the damage. For the entire Diwali week, start your day with detox water such as lime water, cinnamon water or green tea and eat light meals at regular intervals during the day. End your day with a light meal. Doing this will keep you in good shape even if you’re letting yourself go a little bit.

Get up and run

RunningDiwali days are busy days for all of us but if you want to make the most of the exceptional food items coming your way, you’ve got to up your game at the gym. Even if you’re a regular at exercise, you should consider taking it up a notch this week to compensate for all the indulgence. Get up a half hour early and go for a run or do yoga or any exercise that will get you going through the day. You’ll thank yourself for this later!

DIY Sweets

DIY SweetsYes, it is possible and you can make your own sweets at home that taste as good. Here is a little hint, you can make the most delectable and healthy desserts with peanut butter, almond, oats, honey and all kinds of nuts among many other options. Not only will this let you cut down calories enormously, but more importantly it will save you from thousands of inedible chemicals that are unfortunately becoming a part of sweet manufacturing. Total win-win situation.


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