Yummy Baked Desserts That Settle Down The Stress

Have you ever had that feeling of relief after consuming baked desserts such as a cupcake or Brownie?

With stress comes a craving for cakes, cookies, ice creams, chocolates & whatnot. Then it’s unable to resist the urge to have it.

Desserts act as a stress- reliever. The best way to destress is to have a dessert you like the most.

Whenever you eat sweets or desserts at the back of your mind, you are always concerned about weight gain & other health issues that the intake of these delicacies prompt.

However, believe me, if you are craving something, it’s because your body needs it. And anything you took in a moderate amount cause no harm.

Here, I am with a few of my favourite desserts that I love to indulge in while under stress.

Savour Your Sweet Tooth With Anti-Stress Baked Desserts 

1. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a synonym for heaven. They are my favourite as these mini-cakes are great when you want to indulge in baked desserts. Whereas, do not want to overdo them. 

The cupcakes give you a chance to serve your tastebuds with different flavours, such as blueberry, vanilla, oreo, choco chips, butterscotch & chocolate. 

2. Pudding & Pies

Pudding & pies are loved by all age groups, be it a kid, teenager or adult. The satisfying feeling that you have when a piece of pie melts in your mouth is beyond words. The mouth-watering pies are just irresistible. Moreover, the satiation is unparalleled.

My ideal place for perfectly baked cupcakes, cookies, pies & brownies is “Hands to Soul” by Deepika Kochar, known for its freshly made bliss of delectable desserts.

3. Cookies

Cookies have always been there to make your tea-time special. Cookies have evolved into a healthier version as they have become gluten-free and sugar-free. These baked desserts have stress-buster properties & a single bite can uplift your mood altogether.

4. Brownies

Brownies come in various styles and may be either fudgy or cakey, depending on their density. They may fuse nuts, frosting, cream cheese, chocolate chips, or other ingredients.

Brownies are rich in chocolate or cocoa. Chocolates are known as stress-reliever as it regulates the blood pleasure. 

5. Fudges & Truffles

 Fudges & Truffles involves various flavours. And yes! they are super addictive. In fudges, Chocolates & butter or cream are the default ingredient.

Chocolate truffles are irresistibly delicious. These heavenly delights pacify the stress-producing hormones.

The most satisfying fudges and truffles have a variety like Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Rose Fudge, Delish Fudge, Chocolate Almond Fudge, Chocolate Truffle & Coconut Truffle and the list is continuous.

Which one is your favourite baked dessert that you keep handy to fight with the uninvited stress?


Conclusively, I believe relishing desserts or baked desserts, once in a while, are not going to harm your body. In fact, they are a treat to your sweet tooth & Desserts help alleviate the stress. 

Having chocolate fudge or a piece of cake after a stressful day may surely rejuvenate your mood. 

A modest quantity of everything is acceptable if consumed once in a blue moon. Your taste buds surely deserve a treat!

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