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Shachi S. Bedi’s Transformation from a Patient to a Healer

Shachi S. Bedi is a youthful cancer survivor, a well-established business woman and now a HEALER!  Her battle with cancer has led to her awakening towards her true purpose of life – to help others heal and live a holistic life. And supporting her in this journey is her mentor & partner – Ms. Ranjana Singh.

“Sharan” evolved from the compassion Shachi and Ranjana felt for people struggling with lifestyle issues in all areas of life – primarily health (mental/emotional), relationships, career, finances, even studies and love of course! They are trying to share their learnings from their experience of having lived a life of struggling with challenges and rising up to the surface with the help of their respective spiritual awakenings. Further, they have combined the age old healing methods of Reiki, Tarot Reading and Art of Living (better known as Life Coaching these days) to come together and help people to identify their suppressed emotions/thoughts/issues and heal & recover from them with proper guidance and assistance. They advocate that the holistic lifestyle, optimism and meditation establish a positive aura around you and that is what helps you attract positivity and abundance.

The people around Shachi never witnessed her losing her zeal for life even when she was diagnosed with cancer! She is an optimist as she always finds good in the worst situation. Even struggles and adversity did not deter her from being optimistic. Shachi sailed through a hard time during her cancer treatment with the support, care, and love from family and friends. For her spiritual awakening, Shachi gives credit to her sister-in-law Ms. Ranjana Singh (Also her mentor), as She introduced her to the significance of Affirmations, Gratitude And Self Love in the process of healing.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining, Focus On That Silver Lining!

Shachi had learned Reiki Healing long before she was diagnosed. But the turning point came in when she made use of the Reiki Healing during her illness. This fortified her faith in the healing method and she decided to explore it further. Intrinsically she always wanted to be a Healer but she upheld it as a Post Retirement Plan due to family responsibilities. However, God had a different plan for her!

After recovering, Shachi pursued a healing course in Yog Pran Vidya (YPV) to keep herself healthy and healed. Over a period of time, she got back into the vicious circle of routine life and deviated from her path of holistic principles. As a result, she fell prey to the old cycles that started repeating over and she became a victim to unwanted criticism and stress. Then COVID happpened and lockdown made life slow down.

During Lockdown, Shachi got enough time to contemplate and reflect over her life goals and transformed her life into a disciplined and improvised version. She identified the gift of “Intuition” God gifted her with and this made her to learn Tarot Card Reading combined with Astrology & Numerology. Meanwhile, she also became a “Moral Supporter” for cancer patients to help them get through their worst phase of life. Eventually, everything got sorted out for the best and SHARAN is the beautiful outcome of her transformation over all these years!

The Vision of Sharan: Holistic Lifestyle Without Sacrificing Human Existence

Shachi founded SHARAN (Surrender to The Divine) to deliver healing support and guidance to people who want to get benefited from the knowledge & experience they have accumulated during their respective journey(s).

She emphasizes that Sharan is not merely a commercial venture. In fact, the sole vision of Sharan is to extend the message of practising holistic life as a normal living and making people believe that it is achievable without sacrificing their human existence.

Spiritual awakening or evolution doesn’t mean becoming a ‘sage’. It is all about experiencing happiness without bothering about negativity, anxiety and stress. All aspects of your life can be in thorough sync and harmony. It is all about learning and practicing detachment from situations / things/ places / people, etc. irrespective of the context. Additionally, you can learn to fix things and accept everything with grace and joy – whatever it is, wherever you are …. You just need to learn to completely surrender yourself to your very own creator – The Divine!

“Holistic Lifestyle is the New Moksha – makes you peaceful, content & happy within!”

You can get in touch with Shachi & her team at 6284201868 (whatsapp only, no calling please); [email protected]; Instagram Handle:

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