Styling Tips -How To Hide Belly Fat In Jeans & Look Glamorous

Are jeans your staple attire, But you hate that bulging tummy popping out to spoil your look?
Here, I will bestow you some life-saver tips bearing on how to hide belly fat in jeans.

When it comes to our bodies, Most people have insecurities. We all love to dress distinctly but seldom our unhealthy eating habits and faulty lifestyle prevents us from stylish body-hugging clothing. Due to our bloating belly or belly fats, we often get restrained from wearing our choice of outfits.

How to Hide Belly Fat in Jeans – Simple Tips Can Change The Game

You can jazz up on jeans games by just being mindful while choosing jeans. A perfect pair of Jeans never fails to accentuate your appearance.

Are Your Jeans a Perfect-fit?

Look for jeans that are specified as straight, slim, or skinny fit. Try on from various types and pick the one that feels snug and a perfect fit for you.

A perfectly fit pair of jeans act as shapewear.

How to hide Belly Fat in Jeans
  • Avoid loose-fitting jeans. These types are usually known to be relaxed, boyfriend, or wide-leg styles. Loose-fitting jeans may make your belly look bigger than it is.
  • Choosing the right size is the most crucial for feeling comfortable and confident with your belly while you are wearing jeans.
  • Never go for baggy jeans, as these may be unflattering and can make your belly look larger.
  • Choose jeans that end at your ankle to get the right length. The jeans shorter than the ankle-length or rolling up at the ankle can make you look round.

Do You Have A Shapewear?

  • Buy shapewear that is designed to target your stomach area. Make sure to pick a comfortable size and that isn’t too tight. It’s best to try on shapewear in-store rather than purchasing it online so that you can assure that the size is accurate for you. 
  • Selecting a smaller size in shapewear than what fits you won’t make your shape look slimmer. Instead, you will just feel very uncomfortable and the shapewear can cause your bulges more prominent.
  • Shapewear does flatten out your belly area, so they are a must-have thing in your wardrobe if you have belly fat.

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Go For Darker Shades – A Wardrobe Staple.

Denim Jeans are available in a variety of shades; varying from dark to light. 

Darker Shades

How to hide belly fat in jeans? Simply, just pick solid colour jeans for you. 

  • Dark colours make everything look uniform as they do not reflect light. 
  • Also, avoid shades pieces or you will end up drawing extra attention to the section you wants to hide.

Mid-rise or High-rise Jeans Are For You 

Mid Rise And high Waist Jeans
  • Mid-rise and high-rise jeans are designed to support and cover your belly. These jeans render flattering cuts & effortlessly covers your belly bag.
  • Avoid wearing low-rise jeans as they give a push-up effect to your belly & cause a muffin-top, which may make you feel uncomfortable and more insecure. 

Pair It With Ruffle and Tunic Tops

  • The ruffle tops are a loose fit and look extremely stylish. The flare design covers the belly all while looking super stylish. 
  •  Say No to The tops that feel overly clingy or tight, instead, The fabric should rest comfortably over your body.
  • Pull tops, blouses, shirts, and tunics that possess an element of asymmetry. An asymmetrical pattern could be an animal or an abstract print. 
  • Alternatively, tops that have asymmetrical hem or drapes also looks flattering and make you feel slimmer.

A Belt Along The Hip Area of Your Jeans – A Big No!

 If your jeans need a belt to stay on, then it’s not your size. Moreover, A belt draws attention towards the area around. 

  • If you still want to style your jeans with a belt. Then avoid wearing in along the hip area. It will highlight your tummy fat even more.

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Stylish Tips Can Help You In Covering Your Belly Fat For The Alluring Looks

Layering & Draping

Style it with a scarf

Style it with a scarf, shrugs and cardigans. A cardigan is a universal piece of clothing. It accords well with pants, jeans and skirts. It will create a vertical line that will align your body.

Shift The Focus

Highlight a different part of your body. oversized and big shoulder bags are the subtle but smart trick. Oversized bags help focus the attention elsewhere.

Clothes with Vertical Stripes 

vertical stripes to look slim

Vertical patterns & stripes make you look more towering and more fit. But you should also think about the width of the stripes. Wide stripes can make you visually bigger, so choose clothes with close and regular stripes.

Go For the Mono-Colour

Single colour dresses trick you straighten your body and cover the tummy fat. Mono-colour tops or shirts are perfect for the gorgeous look for a meeting as it gives a professional look.


The most reliable way of hiding belly fat in jeans is to pick a pair you feel comfortable and happy with. This will make you feel more positive in your shape and style! You should feel good about every item of clothing you own regardless of your size.

Written By: Jaspreet Kaur

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