Longest Flight Journey In The World! On Cloud 9 For Hours

Are you planning to dine and sleep in the air? How about doing this for not a couple of hours but nearly more than half of a day? strange, right? Well, it’s going to be interesting for you to know the top 5 longest flight journey in the world. These are Nonstop, continuous flights from one destination to the other, making you feel like you are on cloud 9 forever.

Longest Flight Journey In The World For Prolonged Sky Wandering

  1. Singapore to New York: This is a 17-hour 50 minutes flight covering 15,353 km.
  2. Auckland to Doha: This is a 17-hour 40 minutes flight covering 14,535 km.
  3. Perth to London: This is a 17-hour 20 minutes flight covering 14,500 km.
  4. Auckland to Dubai: This is a 17-hour 5 minutes flight covering 14,201 km.
  5. Johannesburg to Atlanta: This is a 16-hour 50 minutes flight that covers 13,582 km.

How To Survive The Longest Flight Journey In The World?

The longest flight journey in the world might end up becoming a struggle. No doubt, you can entertain yourself by watching a movie, and literally, everyone does that. However, you can catch up on things that are essentially productive and fun to do. 

The list below describes each activity that you can do on a plane, with the significant and positive change that it will bring to you.

1) Books Are Life-Changing: Grab The Opportunity To Read Them

Read Book on the longest flight Journey
  • There are uncountable pieces of evidence of how a book has changed the mindset of people. even if you do not like reading, it’s a must if you want to change your life, change your daily thinking patterns, change your beliefs and wake up every morning with a positive attitude. 
  • No doubt, Instagram is flooded with books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, The Secret The Power, The Secret The Magic, Ikigai, The Alchemist” and it’s worth the hype. You will never know what it has to tell you unless you read it. Now that you’re flying on a plane with nothing else to do why not change your life? 
  • It’s not necessary for you to read these extremely popular books mentioned above, you can go with your taste too! Whether it is spiritual awakening, money, mindset, or improving relations topic. 

The genre depends on you but as long as the book teaches you something, it’s worth your time.

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2) Create Mind Maps: The Flight Makes You Dream

A lot of us are hustling, burning the fire within, trying to make things work out, whether it’s business or family. At such a time a person tends to mess up their thoughts. You know once you’re out of this plane you’ll get busy. So why not reflect, on yourself for the time that you’re getting. Now is the best time, to get clarity.

Create mind maps
  • Start creating mind maps. Use a sheet of paper or maybe your phone, or I pad, start drawing a kind of a flow chart or map. A mind map is a kind of a diagram that visually organizes information, showing relationships, and hierarchy among all elements for better clarity.
  • Try making it by portraying your goals, things needed to achieve them, then further things needed to achieve them, and this way it will end up with a clear purpose.
  • The reason why mind maps work in bringing, clarity, or boosting confidence is that our brain tends to think like a tree. It grows branches for branches, making a never-ending process. For every thought you focus on, several subtopics come up and further subtopics. 
  • Mind mapping through your travel will simply not only give you clarity, and confidence but also happiness and purpose making your next moves closer to your dream.

3) Download Podcasts Before Your Flight

-This is for those non-readers. If you are not interested in reading or carrying those heavy-weight books, it’s better that you listen to podcasts. Download podcasts from eminent personalities, and entrepreneurs that you idealize. 

– A podcast is basically a digital audio file, that a user can download to his/her device. It could be an additional benefit with reading books.

Listen Podcast on longest flight Journey

Some of the famous Indian podcasts are:

  1. The Ranveer Show
  2. WoiceWithWarikoo
  3. Raj Shamani, Figuring Out

Another popular one is the TED TALK, where you can hear inspiring stories. 

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It is as easy as listening to music, however, the best part is the knowledge that you are getting through the time that you’re putting in listening to the podcast.

4) Catch Up On Tasks

The above pointers were for you to develop yourself as a human being during your free time. 

It is the best and most productive way to have a vision and enjoy your life. Through your flight, you can also get creative and think about personal activities that can be done. 

Apart from this if there are some pending tasks that you had to look into, this is the best time to cover them up. There is no better way to relax and enjoy after getting your things done.

5) Relax, Sleep, And Chill

  • Your long flights are definitely long enough which can be filled with tons of productive activities and still leave room for you to enjoy watching any of your favorite shows, listening to music, and sleeping.
  • Talk to your seatmate, explore the view from the plane, eat or drink something.
  • Try to do things that you love. 
  • Ideally, you could take a nap as it will give the required freshness to carry about the journey, however, your favorite show or series or maybe a movie can serve the same purpose. 
sleep and relax on the longest flight journey in the world

Things you can take along for a better flying experience:

  1. Your sleeping pillow
  2. Your iPod for music
  3. A sleeping mask
  4. A night suit

Flights can be really hectic, tiring, and long. However, you can use the above tips and tricks to make your journey fun and productive. This not only adds to your enjoyment but also increases the scope for you to be less stressed when you reach your destination. 

Written By: Nehal Sharma

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