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Exercise On How To Gain Weight, Look Healthy And Happy!

“A year from now you will wish you had started today”

People think losing weight is their sole aim and those who’re already thin are lucky. Whereas, on the other hand extremely thin people wish to be chubby, healthy-looking, and hefty. No doubt in today’s world there are more people who’re looking around for ways to lose weight. However, there are also people who have a thin body type making them look unhealthy. Hence, we’ve covered below not only the Exercise on how to gain weight but also the diet which you must follow. 

Considering the problem of being underweight, it’s necessary for you to know that it’s a serious issue. You must focus on your diet well so as to gain weight. Being underweight later on comes with many health issues. It could develop into various kinds of illnesses as well.

In Order To Gain Weight, You Shall Use The Below-Listed Strategies: 

  1. Increase carbohydrates and fats intake: you must eat at least 3 meals daily. Make your meal in such a way that you receive enough intake of carbohydrates and fats. Fats do not mean junk food; junk food might harm your body. However healthy fats and carbs are necessary. 
  2. Increase protein intake: products like fish, meat, eggs, legumes, nuts, and other protein sources are essential for gaining weight. Make sure to balance it out by taking other carbs as well. Too much protein does have side effects too!
  3. Increase calorie intake: if you wish to gain weight at a slow pace you should aim for consuming 300-500 calories every day. 

Exercise On How To Gain Weight

Being underweight refers to having a BMI (body mass index) below 18.5. Hence it becomes necessary for you to get your BMI checked in order to first analyze whether you’re underweight or not. You could be underweight, or you could be healthily thin. In both cases, you wish to change your appearance in order to get those extra muscle mass all over the bony body.


Exercise On How To Gain Weight

These are the basic lower body workouts. In order to do squats, stand straight, squeeze your glutes and move your hips backward. Inhale, engage the core, bend knees, and push out the hips. Sit while your eight is supported by heels. Lower the hips till they lower the knees. Exhale while standing up.

This exercise helps in not only creating a better posture for you but also shapes up your things and hips well hence considered a significant exercise on how to gain weight.


Exercise On How To Gain Weight

The upper body strengthening can be done well with push-ups. In order to do push-ups. Lie down and face the ground. Make the hands broader than the shoulders. Push yourself a little up and make your arms extended. Then lower it until your chest almost touches the floor. Push back.


Crunches Exercise On How To Gain Weight

Make your stomach muscular and appealing. Gain the core strength you need by just following these few steps. Lie down on your back and fold your legs. Cross the arms over your chest. Lift the shoulder from the mat in order to reach the knees. Then you could go back to the original position and try again. 


Deadlift Exercise on how to gain weight

Enhance your posture, and increase your muscular mass. Hence is another significant Exercise on how to gain weight. stand with mid-foot under the barbell. Bend and grasp it with your hands. Kneel to your shin. Have a Straight spine. Lift the weight while taking deep breaths. Have your knees locked. Return the dumbbell back.

Dumbbell Overhead Press

Dumbbell Overhead Press
Dumbbell Overhead Press

another way to gain muscle mass is a dumbbell overhead press. In order to perform this Stand straight and talk and pickup dumbbells in your hands. Elevate these weights above the head. Breathe while holding the posture. Return back and repeat.

Hence, the above tips regarding exercise and also food intake for a better body must be followed. The above-listed Exercise on how to gain weight will only work unless you do. Also, remember to listen to your body. Going slow but consistently working towards your body is way better than sitting on the couch.

Written By: Nehal Sharma

(Disclaimer: This article is from the author’s perspective. So, Kindly do check with experts before following. will not be responsible for any kind of inconvenience and incorrect or misleading information.)

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