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Chandigarh Divaz Club: Organizing Events For The Women By A Woman

Success Story of Chandigarh Divaz Club's Director

Women are the most occupied species on earth, No matter whether she is working, an entrepreneur, or a homemaker. They hardly get time for themselves due to the vital responsibilities they have. However, all praises to Beenu Bandlish for ‘Chandigarh Divaz Club‘ that is at women’s disposal to make their monotonous life happening and fun.

Chandigarh Divaz Club is where a bunch of women unites to celebrate life. Beenu Bandlish is the name behind this club; She is committed to organizing events for women to add some fun to their life.

Dedication & Commitment Don’t Allow Marriage To Be Barrier In Your Career!

Beenu Bandlish is the director of the Chandigarh Divaz Club. Born & brought up in Chandigarh. It would not be wrong If we say Beenu Bandlish is an innate artist as she has been part of various dance shows and did modeling at a young age.

However, She got married at a very early age and became a full-time wife and mother as she was married into a joint family. Being a part of a joint family, she has endless responsibilities and hardly gets time for herself. The artist in her has to take the backseat.

Her hectic schedule made her more considerate about the women who have an abundance of talent and desires that they neglect because they prioritize their responsibilities towards the family.

Beenu’s concern for women brought about Chandigarh Divaz Club. Initially, she organized events for the ladies to render them a platform to showcase their talent. A positive response made her establish Chandigarh Divaz Club.

Ladies! Take a break And Unwind with Chandigarh Divaz Club 

Beenu Bandlish formed this Club in 2020. After getting positive feedback and support from the women around Tricity.

Chandigarh Divaz group arranges events and get-togethers every month with a different theme. This platform allows women to showcase their skills as ladies get the freedom to perform dance, sing, model, or do anything they love doing.

The club has beautifully grown to 90+ members within a span of 2 years. The club is an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to connect with other women and like-minded ladies to get ideas and clients for their businesses and start-ups.

Ladies who are willing to unwind and relish life with the Chandigarh Divaz Club can connect with them on their Facebook Page. You only live once, so live life to the fullest and celebrate every moment.

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